NUFORC Sighting 180476

Occurred: 2011-08-20 16:45 Local
Reported: 2024-02-18 07:20 Pacific
Duration: 12 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Hrubieszów, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland
Location details: Just outside of the city, on the West, on West-East axis exacly.

Shape: Triangle
Color: Matte bismuth like
Estimated Size: Minimum 15m (estimated from the size of buildings)
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: East (Me) - West (Object)
Angle of Elevation: 15
Closest Distance: 2-3 km
Estimated Speed: Phenomenal, it should be meassured not guessed.

Stationary matte metalic triangle craft rotating around its own axis (Hz=2.5s interval), tilted by 38 degrees on the North-South axis.

In Hrubieszów on August 20, 2011 at 16:45 - 16:57 I saw about 10-15 degrees above the western horizon, a triangular object, made of some silver metal, the object was rotating around its axis (full rotation 2.5 seconds, time measured with a stopwatch) and was behaving stationary towards the landscape.

The only movement it made was around its own axis. It lasted about 12 minutes, during which time it was 'hovering' in the air, exactly on the east-west line, about 1-2 km outside the city. Based on the visual assessment of the object and comparison of its width to known buildings in the landscape, I concluded that it must have had a minimum side length of over 15 m, especially since the object was about 2 to 3 km away from me in a straight line, and also he looked so big!

Calculations show that the object's inclination angle was approximately 38 degrees, it was directed upwards towards the south and at the same time it rotated around its own axis.

The object was silvery. During the rotation, the part that was facing upwards reflected the sun very intensely and this was consistent with the position of the sun. The lower part, which faced down towards the north, was slightly shaded. Shadows also appeared with rotation on the top of the object, consistent with its shape.

In the top view, the object had the shape of an equilateral triangle, and in the side view, it resembled two flat plates placed symmetrically together, which had a bulge in the middle with the same dimensions on both the upper and lower sides. The edges of these two triangular plates formed slender streamlined transitions, so the corners of the object on both the upper and lower sides had a smooth rounded transition, so that the object did not have a top-bottom dividing line on its plating, but simply created a uniform silver structure.

The object in the middle in the lower and upper parts had the same symmetrical bulge with smooth lines of curvature (seen in side view), but it was shifted towards one of the sides, and was not located in the center of the object but offset from the common center of the height of the sides of the triangle .

The height of this bulge from the top-bottom dividing line of the object is estimated at approximately 2-3 m, but this measurement is only an estimate in relation to objects in the landscape and may be underestimated due to the object's distance.

I cannot say what the total time of this object's stay in the sky was, because when I noticed it it was already in a stationary position in the sky, but the total time of my observation was 12 minutes.

It was very interesting when the observation ended, because the strangest and most amazing thing was that the object simply started to become transparent, gradually and slowly. From solid metallic, very intensely shiny and rotating, to completely disappearing in just 3 to 5 seconds. At the same time, the object, becoming transparent, began to move away towards the west.

It was neither a helicopter nor a plane nor a drone, but a triangular metallic object, without any conventional sources of mechanical or chemical propulsion found in civilian or military ships - domestic or foreign.

Due to the fact that there is one of the civil and military air routes over Hrubieszów, a large part of air traffic was at that time directed here and I had no problems with recognizing either the manufacturer or model of aircraft, and I often checked information from the transponders of aircraft flying in the area, and listening to air traffic controllers' communications over this region of Poland and I was perfectly aware of what I seen in the sky, so I completely rule out a mistake with a conventional aircraft.

Military helicopters Mi-2, Mi-8 and W-3 Sokół of the Border Guard visit the city at least once a week, so there is no chance of confusion with any Polish or foreign helicopter. Moreover, their landing field and aircraft hangar are here.

I am an aviation enthusiast and I know what flies around the world and in Poland, but this is the first time I have seen this type of object and I cannot classify it to any known civil or military project, including demonstration designs which are already known in public domain.

I completely exclude comparing the object I have seen to European-made drones, such as Neuron or Taranis, as well as to US-made X-47B experimental drones and similar ones. The behavior of the object excludes any similarities to conventional aircraft, the object had neither a rotor nor jet engines, it was a uniform metal block, without any signs of a propulsion system commonly known in modern civil or military aviation.

Due to the fact that I am also interested in astronomy/astrophysics, I exclude any stars and planets, meteors, comets, satellites, ISS (International Space Station), I check the planetarium and astronomical news every day and I know what will be visible and when and where in the sky, therefore, none of the cosmic objects of natural or human origin can be attributed to this observation. Moreover, this object was low above the city, no more than 100 m above the earth's surface, and not high in the upper layers of the atmosphere like most telecommunications satellites or the ISS, so there can be no mistake.

I am a person with a higher education in science, I am very skeptical about phenomena visible in the sky and I tried very diligently to understand what I saw and first exclude all known objects. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to explain what this object was and find its equivalent in the classic catalog of civil and military aircraft.

I was wondering what could be the reason for the appearance of this object in a 'provincial' city like Hrubieszów - there are neither large agglomerations nor industry here, and a certain coincidence caught my attention. At that time there was a military unit of electronic warfare ('secret') and its equipment includes high-power radars with a range of ~400 km, as well as devices for passive listening of radio communications and active electronic warfare.

(It was "old" equipment of former Polish Army from the Cold War time, produced in the first part of the 80's in Poland so it was our classified technology and not from the Soviet Union. At about that time it was moved to central Poland to other military base, to centralize the resources as a part of NATO operations).

In the spring of 2011, military exercises were carried out at a training ground , which is located close to the city, just not far in a straight line from the position I estimated that this object took in the sky. This facility was approximately 2 km away from the training ground, which is a very short distance for aerial observation.

That's why it caught my attention, because the devices of this system have a range sufficient to send a strong signal into space at a distance of 400 km, i.e. beyond the Earth's atmosphere, so theoretically this could be the reason for the appearance of this object.

Unfortunately, it was the only time I saw this object. I haven't observed it again...

I think that it is worth recording this event in the catalogue, because maybe someone else will write their own account of this event and thus confirm it as a second independent source of information. I looked on the Internet to see if there were any, but unfortunately I didn't find anything. I don't know any other witnesses to this event.

Post scriptum:

There is more to the story then meets the eye...

After the years i manage to know more of the background story which maybe is in some way connected...

1. Some person i know had expirenced observations of glowing orange-red spheres flighing at night above the same military base, but it was in the first half of the 80's.

2. But more interesting was the the story of expirence of CE-4! ...which took place in the nearby village which is located just 4km away from mentioned above military training grounds. The event took place in July of 1956 or 1957, the person can't recall the exact date because it was in the childhood years. In the afternoon that day just before the family dinner, the child went from home to the garden just behind the barn, suddenly heared in mind a voice and looked behind the back to see two small strange looking "persons". They were covered from foot to neck with black matte tight-fitting suits. They tooked the shocked child by hands, and spoken mentaly all the time to calm it. The child was paralyzed and just went with "persons" to the nearby round disc-like craft, which was matte metalic color.

The entrance to the craft was rectangular with rounded corners, just inside the hull were starting 3 or 4 small steps and then after them was the floor of the first room. The one of the "persons" boarded first to help child to get inside, and the second boarded after.

The child was asked to sit in a chair in the middle of the room. One of the "persons" standed in front of the child, and second one on the right but in the back.

The child then was interrogated just like adult person, in very harsh and rude way by the "person" standing in front, and asked about military technical complicated terminology and things which for a young child was absurd to know anything about at that time.

It took couple of rounds of questions and denial and the "visit" changed to some kind of mental insistence and pressure directed at the highly perplexed child. After some time intervened second "person" with the strong sense of mental authority and stopped the unkind situation with mental sentence:

"You can't ask it it this way, the child doesn't know anything!"

Then the talk was continued by the "overseer" and went to second stage, the child felt suddenly pain in back of the head and some "medical instrument" attached to the head for a moment of time. The overseer calmed again the child and mentally switch off the feeling of pain. They talked some time, about the family of the child and visit came to and end.

The child remembered that in the same room was also sitting 3rd "person" on the left side just beside the wall of the craft, and near the entrance. The 3rd one was doing something on the "control panel" and sitting in chair turned around all the time not taking direct part in the event. The wall of the craft in front of being was translucent.

The child was then taken outside the craft and told not to tell any one about this event, for any reasons!

So it went slowly in direction of home, and after couple meters look again behind to see the craft leaving.

After the return to home, whole family was shocked to see the child, because they were looking for it for many hours and checked the area behind the barn many times. They were close to going for Police to report missing.

The person which expirenced this never told the story to anyone in family, because was afraid of that then beings would come back and hurt them.

The grand father of this person was in the past a military ranking officer before the WWII, serving in the same military base, and in time of war had a great toll on local history. He was killed after the war by NKVD/KGB Soviet Union counterespionage units, fighting polish resistance in post war Poland, just couple years before and very near the place were event took place.

Even after so many years this person remember "almost" every detail of the event as it was yesterday, because of expirenced fear.

The beings were 1,2-1,5m tall, had big eliptical heads with big almond like big black eyes. Had white-grey skin and black matte suits, long fingers and had no hair at all.

3. Many decades later, I was on a funeral of this persons close family member, and took some photos of local church, and after I returned home when developing pictures from RAW's I noticed 3 metalic spheres in triangle formation very high on the sky above the church (in time of funeral ceremony). This decased person was a child of grandfather, and person which was abducted was a grandchild.

There is even more to the story, but I can't tell to many details … I'm sorry but it's already enough informations and you can read more, hidden between the lines.

Best regards.

Posted 2024-03-13

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