NUFORC Sighting 180475

Occurred: 1975-06-14 21:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2024-02-18 03:00 Pacific
Duration: 1.5 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: San Jose, CA, USA
Location details: Santa Clara County Fire Station - Alum Rock 1975

Shape: Triangle
Color: white
Estimated Size: at arms length finger and thumb open 2-3 inches
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: looking east from the fire station back lot
Angle of Elevation: 80
Closest Distance: unknown appeared outer atmosphere
Estimated Speed: 100,000 mph
Characteristics: Lights on object

High speed UFO in a "V" shape north to south

In the early 1970s, 2 of my older brothers became volunteer firefighters in San Jose, a County Fire Station then. In 1973 when I was 18yrs old, I also joined the County Fire dept at the same station in the Alum Rock area of San Jose. Since I planned to try for a career position, I was an active Volunteer Firefighter, I was still taking some classes after HS at San Jose City College and working part time. The County allowed a "Uniform allowance" for Volunteer firefighters at $10.00 per call so we could buy uniform items, because the County didn't pay for Volunteer Firefighters - but to keep the staff to supplement the career firefighters with help, the uniform allowance worked well, though most of us already had jobs. We had 3 Fire Engines at the County Station at Alum Rock, 2 career FFs per rig, we'd get an alarm, we could ride tailboard, we were trained on the job, 1 main meeting each month over at Headquarters station on Tully Rd. later OSHA stopped tailboard riding, and in 1978, the City of San Jose annexed all County pockets within the City boundaries, eliminating volunteer firefighters at their stations, as SJFD was a paid professional dept, volunteers not needed. As a Volunteer firefighter, we could come and go as we pleased at the station at any County Station. I always stayed at Alum Rock as close to home. Other Volunteer FFs also lived in the area or would drive to Alum Rock from the west San Jose area, as we were the busiest County station in the 1970s.We got a lot of calls. One VolFF was a cool guy my age and we hug together and worked a lot of station time. The career FFs would sit all night and watch TV and it was boring. In the back of Alum Rock station we had a wood fire hose drying rack, 50ft long elevated at one end about 4ft off the ground, other end flat with the ground to dry wet fire hoses after a fire, angled so the water runs out while drying & the Volunteers had to roll them up and place inside the station on the apparatus bay hose racks.This night there were no hoses drying, I was laying on the hose rack star watching as I didn't like watching "Baretta". I had a nice pair of binoculars 50x100 and it was dark in this area though city lights were nearby. North out behind the Fire station was James Lick HS, some eucalyptus trees borders the HS track but otherwise it was open, and I was stargazing. Later my buffy Vol FF drove in behind the station as we were allowed to sleep overnight if we wanted too and respond on the rigs. I can't tell you what is is like to be sound asleep and the station alarm goes has about 60-90seconds to be up and on the rig. Fun at 2am, back to the other Vol FF arriving, he had his headlights blaring and he could see me on the rack, drives right up next to me screwing around...LOL all fun. He turns the car off headlights off also. We chat for a few minutes standing behind his trunk, and for some reason, we both notice the lights coming south along the east foothills, but higher, and they were that large! In 1.5 seconds a massive "V" shaped cluster of lights all white, passes overhead, I deem them outer atmosphere...looking up it was just like looking at a "V" on the keyboard! There was no sound, left to right in view was the entire Santa Clara Valley field of view is at least 30 miles viewed the UFO for 1.5 seconds. The other Vol FF says" What in the "F" was that?.........I said a UFO! He says " don't ever tell anyone I saw this..." We walked into the station and told all 6 career FFs watching " Baretta" what we saw and they all ignored us not even saying anything.......I called my Mom and she was a good listener. :) I my next report is with this same department we had another UFO encounter at a crash scene at 2am ish way up on Mt Hamilton Rd.... I'll report that later.

Posted 2024-03-13

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