NUFORC Sighting 180467

Occurred: 2024-02-06 03:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2024-02-17 16:14 Pacific
Duration: Roughly 15-30 Seconds
No of observers: 1 - Military - Aviation Expert

Location: Stockbridge, GA, USA

Shape: Cigar
Color: Silver or Chrome
Estimated Size: Object was extremely high in the sky
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: 18 Degrees N
Angle of Elevation: 60
Closest Distance: Unknown

Approximately 330AM in a NNE sky, a cigar shaped object traveled around the Dubhe star in the Big Dipper.

Just a quick background about myself.....I'm an Army Aviation Veteran and Flight Engineer. I know just about everything there is to know about Aviation, including known spacecraft and Satellites of NASA, Space X, Blue Origin, etc. and what I saw on or near the night of February 6th was definitely an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.

The area of Stockbridge Ga. that I live in is a direct flight path to the Atlanta Airport, so there is a lot of aircraft that move in throughout the evening, and usually slows down around 10 or 11PM for noise control, I always see aircraft very high in the sky as well, but I can definitely tell they are known aircraft with no second guessing.

Around the morning of Feb 6th at around 330AM, my routine is to let my dogs out in the backyard to use the restroom around that time every morning, and I walk out onto the back deck and look around at the sky and breathe in some fresh cool air. I have been on this routine for quite a few years (just a habit and I love the quietness of that time of morning.) This particular morning I happened to look at the Big Dipper and noticed an object that I thought at first glance was a satellite, but I knew I've never seen a Satellite that time of morning so I watched it a little bit longer. As I watched it, it seemed to grow a smidge in length from a star like object to a cigar shaped object. The object made no noise whatsoever and made no trails. As the object got to about the Dubhe star in the Big Dipper, it seemed slow down and kind of spin in place and turn sideways....for example....if you take a pencil and look at it into the light, you can see the light reflection on the 5 sides as you turn it with your fingers....This is exactly what the object seemed to do. As it moved, it made a sharp turn and went around the Dubhe star like a car on a race track and then started to move directly in a South Eastern direction toward the Ailoth and Mizar stars of the Big Dipper, as it moved toward those stars, it quickly faded and disappeared, not to be seen again. I knew immediately this was no Satellite and no known aircraft. Since then, I constantly look up and see if I can get a glimpse of the object or something similar, but have yet to see anything like that again.

Posted 2024-03-13

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