NUFORC Sighting 180079

Occurred: 1967-06-20 01:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2024-01-16 17:20 Pacific
Duration: 1-2 minutes
No of observers: 1 - Military

Location: Hinton, WV, USA
Location details: Camp Thomas E Lightfoot Near Hinton WV. 37 degrees 36 min N 48 degrees 08 min W

Shape: Other
Color: Grey
Viewed From: Land
Angle of Elevation: 45

I saw a gray alien 4-4.5 feet tall that walked into our cabin at the camp.

I was at the camp, and it was 1-2 am. I was in the top bunk at far end of the cabin. I tried to stay awake every night, because I was a bed wetter and didn't want to get caught. I was 10 years old at the time. I heard the screen door open and I lifted my head a little to see a gray alien about 4-4.5 feet tall with a large head, big eyes and long skinny arms walking across the floor toward a counselors bed at the end of the cabin. It was about 6-8 feet from his bed when the counselor rolled over in his bed, and the alien turned and ran out of the cabin and the screen door slammed shut. The counselor woke and sat up in the bed to see what was going on. He saw nothing and he did not know I was awake. I pulled the blanket over my head and stayed awake until morning. When I went to the chow hall for breakfast I overheard some counselors talking about being down by the river that night and saw a saucer shaped craft that hovered overhead and then took off and zig- zagged through the sky.

Posted 2024-02-15

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