NUFORC Sighting 179810

Occurred: 2023-05-06 19:00 Local
Reported: 2024-01-03 16:10 Pacific
Duration: 30 - 60 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Howell, MI, USA

Shape: Other
Color: White with red strip
Estimated Size: Length: 10-15 ft height: 5-7 ft at highest point
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: North / North east
Angle of Elevation: 50
Closest Distance: 30 to 50 feet
Estimated Speed: 10-20 mph

A metal craft, flat metallic bottom, white top with a red strip, no sound

I was at my sister's for a barbecue and since it was kind of cold they wanted to eat inside. I like fires, so I decided to go start a fire and eat by the fire. I'm not new to seeing things in the sky at night such as lights that look like stars that have the ability to fade in or out as it's moving or the ability to flash (hold it's line of movement and flash again). Nor am I new to tic tacs in daylight far away at cloud levels or higher. This instance was unlike anything I've ever witnessed. As I was sitting by the fire eating my food looking at the scenery ahead of me, all of a sudden in the top left of my peripheral, this object catches my attention and has my full attention.

1: There was absolutely no sound from the object (I could still hear whatever was around me I.e the fire). 2: It was hovering so low I literally thought if I had a rock I could throw at it and hit it. 30-50ft is my guess, it was 5 to if 10ft above tree height. 3. I could see the entire bottom. It was as flat as flat will be. Entirely smooth with no seams (it looked like flat sheet metal). 4: There were absolutely no lights nor anywhere for a light to be. The entire object appeared smooth and seamless. 5: There were no emissions. No flames. No heat waves. Nothing. 6: I had a clear side view, not eye level side view, but a clear side view. It had no windows. Anything that was above, the bottom or underneath it, had color. The back 2/3rds was white. Towards the front it had a visibly clear red strip or stripe that had one wave to it if you will. It wasn't completely straight. The stripe was diagonal from top to bottom at that part of the ship. It didn't run horizontal down the whole craft just a diagonal, one wave, red stripe. Then after that to the front was white. The entire thing looked symmetrical, so whatever I was seeing on the right side, from me looking at it from the left, (I can only assume based on the bottom of the ship) it was exactly the same on the left side of the ship. It was sleek with its curvature (like a sports car). The thought I had well staring at this was: it looked like a flying sports car in space craft form with absolutely no wheels. (If you have ever played anarchy online: it looked like a YALM but pictured like photo provided). 7: It was moving so slow there was no way to explain why this metal craft wasn't falling out the sky. It felt like I could've ran to keep up with this thing. Easily could achieve a faster speed riding a bike. It didn't speed up or slow down. It just held the same path and same speed. East was my direct view looking straight up from the fire. West directly behind me. North to my left and south to my right. It came up from behind me so it came from the west going east. Parallel to how I was sitting. So I looked partly left to see it and it continued straight east until I couldn't see it anymore. 8: It was in the afternoon, I want to say around 6:30-7pm. It definitely wasn't night and still had an hour or 2 until sunset. There were some clouds out but that didn't matter for how close it was. The color was clearly visible. White looked white and red looked color pencil red. (The immediate thought I had about the color is it looked painted.) 9: My total time of staring at this thing was 30-60 seconds.

When it comes to light filled objects i.e. light filled Orbs, I believe in Jesus Christ, I can attribute it to spirits (whether good or bad). But for metallic objects, I can only think man made or alien. God Bless because the Truth matters and you're not alone on the matter.

Posted 2024-02-15

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