Occurred: 1992-01-05 17:45 Local
Reported: 2023-11-13 05:31 Pacific
Duration: 5-30 mins
No of observers: 2

Location: Sullivan's Island, SC, USA
Location details: appx over the old village area of mt Pleasant

Shape: Other
Color: white with colored l
Estimated Size: In attachment
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: West. (All information is included in my attachments.)
Angle of Elevation: 30
Closest Distance: In attachment
Estimated Speed: Incredibly fast
Characteristics: Lights on object

The following is my recollection of my UFO sighting on January 05, 1992. Time of day was approximately 5:40 to 5:50 p.m.

Driving, leaving Sullivan’s Island SC and heading towards Mt. Pleasant SC (1), my 12 year old son in passenger seat, near dusk when I noticed a large, bright, white, stationary light (c) in the sky. From memory, would estimate its dimensions to have been about the size of a football field and to have been about 100-200 feet above ground. I was immediately intrigued and mystified; it was odd and strange that I asked my son to look. He confirmed seeing it too and also unable to explain/guess what it was.

Approximately 20 seconds later, about 4 miles further, we were at (2) which is the Ben Sawyer Bridge, a small bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway. It was about here that either this light was turned off or the aircraft turned (90 degrees or so) such that this light was no longer visible. What now became visible however was an aircraft (b) which is described in my original account. This aircraft remained stationary/hovering, for a moment or two, then in astonishing speed shot off in the direction of arrow ©. I watched in amazement as it rapidly diminished in size (indicating distance) until some trees, stores, and/or building began to obscure my view (2a). The distance from (2) to (2a) is about 9 miles and took about 1 minute to traverse. [Note: This aircraft seemed to be flying at quite a low altitude, I’d guess 100-200 feet. It may have changed. I did not however see it speed away, it flew so fast that I don’t recall really being able to observe/evaluate. Gone! Attitude as well as any significant changes in altitude and believe had there been I would have noticed and now recalled. I would say that it took less than the 1 minute driving time from (2) to (2a) for it to fly from the beginning of arrow © to the end, a distance I’d estimate at around 5 to 10 miles. Unfortunately, this information is not in my original account so I’m relying on memory. However, the drive times and drive distances are accurate as I re-drove the route today, before preparing this paper, and measured/timed.] By point (3), 5-10 seconds past (2a), neither I nor my son (who was also actively trying to locate this aircraft) could see it, this due to its low altitude and the many trees, stores, and buildings now obscuring view. We continued to actively scan as best we could, peering between and distractions and over-read as I continued to drive down Coleman Blvd. (3) to (3c) [this distance and time was also part of my re-drive today, it was about 3 miles and took approximately 6 minutes to drive], not seeing it. Amazingly, for I thought it highly unlikely, we did see it again at (4) [(4) and (3c) are virtually at the same place]. The aircraft sat passive above us in the direction indicated by arrow € for maybe two or three seconds (this only while it was pretty much directly overhead) before it was again obscured from view due to the trees/stores/buildings (they spread out from both sides of this street – Coleman Blvd.).
Being honest (and I as now think about it, it seems somewhat odd), that I do not recall where my son and I were going on that evening, nor what we did after seeing it for this last time (d). My next real recollection is phoning a radio station from a pay phone at the Isle of Palms Marina (5) (at the time I lived on the Isle of Palms). My son was no longer with me. I believe I spoke with a DJ, asked if he’d heard reports of what I’d witnessed, remember being surprised that he had not. Over the next couple of days, I tried to look through the local newspaper and watch/listen to local news broadcasts, but never heard a mention.

As the days/weeks/months/years passed, I thought about it less, but I have NEVER forgotten it,

Posted 2023-12-09

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