NUFORC Sighting 179217

Occurred: 2023-09-06 00:24 Local
Reported: 2023-11-01 16:05 Pacific
Duration: apx 10 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Churchill, MB, Canada
Location details: Northern Studies Centre, fixed cam for Aurora Borealis studies.

Shape: Oval

I live in Commack NY and use the Churchill Canada web site fixed cam for Aurora Borealis viewing.

Background Information
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I, ((name deleted)), do hereby state that the text below is about my true experience in capturing a video of, what I believe to be, an Alien spacecraft traveling over Hudson Bay Canada in the vicinity of Churchill, Manitoba.

The Churchill Northern Studies Centre has a” Cam” for the use, by the public, for seeing and recording the Aurora Borealis. The cam is on 24 hours per day and I believe it is usually unmanned, except for orienting the cam in different directions in preparation of Auroral activity that night.

I am a retired executive of NBC, having left the company in 2000. Because of a physical illness, I am now wheelchair bound, and I enjoy using the Churchill Northern Studies cam to capture images of the Aurora Borealis. My technique has been to put the image from the cam on my desktop computer and use my iPhone on a tripod to record the Aurora. This way, I can use the pointer on my mouse to point to specific sections while recording it. I narrate the video, because I air the Aurora videos on my family’s private web site, Kindred Spirits.

On Wednesday, September 6th 2023, I awoke at 1am (Midnight Churchill time.) and decided to check for Auroral activity in Churchill, Manitoba Canada, using the cam at the Centre. Churchill is not in the Arctic Circle, but it is a major location for seeing activity.

I set up my iPhone on the tripod, centered the monitor image and activated the computer. The cam is available via Zen Cams- Aurora Borealis.

There was an aurora active at the time and I watched it until it faded away.
Thinking that was all the action for the night, I removed my iPhone from the tripod and stored the tripod away. As I turned back to the computer monitor, I saw what I thought was a satellite just emerging from behind the Centre’s cell tower. I grabbed my iPhone, started recording, and called out “Satellite alert!”. The image was not as steady as when I was using the tripod, but I was able to keep it fairly steady. It turned out to be not a satellite, not an aircraft, because it had no recognition lights, not a meteor, and not a weather balloon.The primary recording was 7:14 in length. I ran out of recording time and started a second recording that lasted an additional 4 minutes. When I played back the recording, I froze the recording and used my iPhone to zoom into the recording. It DID reveal that it was a circular shaped craft. The craft’s attitude gave it an oval shape. The first attached picture is of the first recording showing the object just clearing the centre's cell tower. The object was heading in a north eastern direction as it smoothly reduced altitude.

The second picture is the magnified image of the object in the frozen image from the first recording, clearly showing a white circular object.

Posted 2023-12-09

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