NUFORC Sighting 17754

Occurred: 1982-05-09 20:00 Local
Reported: 2001-05-23 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 1-3 min
No of observers: 1

Location: Longmont (south of), CO, USA

Shape: Disk

Hovering saucer

This event took place quite a while ago; I was only 4 or 5 years old I haven't tried to make any report of it. Knowing by now my memory of the event will not be totally accurate I have not wished to report it. However, the memory of something very out of the ordinary remains and particular parts of the memory remain clearly as if it only happened yesterday. I remember even to this day what I was doing just before the event and I remember my dog had been with me at the time that I was sitting outside my house in my yard. I don't remember seeing the object come closer to me, so that I can't verify that for its been too long. However, I remember seeing the object either a little higher or a little lower than the telephone line than runs through my backyard and wasn't more than 150 yards in distance from where I had been sitting when I remember seeing it. This object was a classic saucer shape. It still seems like it just suddenly appeared and I remember being unsure of what it was I was seeing. My parents didn't allow me to see scary movies, in fact I had no idea what a "UFO" was until I picked up a book in the school library at 6 or 7 years old, recognizing the picture on the front -- suddenly realizing I had seen that same thing. I remember the object hovering over the yard in the far corner, and the noise I heard is what I remember the most...a drowning repetitive sound that never changed in pitch. The moment I felt fear struck me when this object unknown to me at the time to what it could possibly be, overtook me when the lights from the object fell to the ground, like a spotlight. I can't say for sure what colors they were except that I believe it was possibly 3 colors, either red, white, and green, or red white, and blue. I'm not even sure anymore how those colors actually formed on the ground other than it formed a circle below the object. My instinct even at that young of age took over, and I ran (luckily my door wasn't very far from where I had been sitting) straight into the house with my dog ! right be hind me. My Mom recounts the incident, still remembering me coming inside screaming and saying there was something in the sky. She says my dog was very upset and spooked, and acted like she was nervous. When my Mom went to look outside to see what I could have been possibly talking about, it had disappeared without a trace. My Mom also says she remembers me mentioning the noise and she questioned me, asking if it was a helicopter. I told her no, and described the noise to her. She remembers me walking out in the yard to show her where I had seen it -- in approximately the corner of my yard. For many years now I have tried to tell myself that if I saw anything it had to be something the military made. However I have never gotten over that feeling of complete fear when those lights hit the if whatever was in that object, knew I was there. I am a student of psychology, I know that the mind recreates memories, however there are three things I know I couldn't have make up -- the fear I felt -- that sound I heard and the fact it hovered without any wobbling. Recently, I have begun to accept my memory of the event and have done some research and that is why now I can share it with someone who might find the report useful in some way. I'm not afraid that someone might think I was crazy, because I pondered the thought myself for many years and truthfully at one time I preferred that thought over the thought of it really being something unknown.

Posted 2001-08-05

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