Occurred: 1966-10-16 02:10:00 Local
Location: Mount Compass--Mosquito Hill, South Australia, Australia
Location details: Near Mosquito Hill Trig Point on Mount Compass to Goolwa Road
Shape: Disk
Duration: 5-10 minutes
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2023-08-04 07:10:39 Pacific
Posted: 2023-09-10 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Animals reacted

UFO was stationary, hovering about 20 metres above a herd of cows about 100 metres away.

I was changing irrigation on a relatively clear night when the dog that accompanied me became very agitated and ran for home about 200 metres away. On looking up I was stunned to see a huge object, regular in shape, hovering above a herd of 120 cows which were resting near the fence less than 100 metres from where I was changing the irrigation fluming. I was very sceptical about flying saucers, but the object that hovered before me was certainly shaped like a huge upturned saucer. Judging by the length of the paddock I guessed that the object was about 80 metres long (or in diameter). There was little sound except for a low hum, but there was a glow underneath. There seemed to be several large purplish glowing portals around the periphery. There was no activity around or beneath the "craft". I had been using my torch and knew that I must have been seen. Suddenly there was a slight increase in the hum and the craft rose vertically to around 200 metres. Then it accelerated at a rate that was beyond belief and it disappeared in a matter of seconds heading over the hills towards Aldinga to the west. I had seen an F111 in flight and the speed of this thing far exceeded that aircraft, Yet there was little sound, certainly no sonic boom. I must admit I was terrified and cleared two fences on my race back to our house where I grabbed our little one year old girl and jumped into bed with my wife after hastily locking the doors and windows.

The drama did not end there for when I went the get the cows for milking at sunup they were nowhere to be seen. I woke the owner of the cows but we could not find the herd whence the farmer accused me of leaving the gates open. They were eventually found at the base of a gully in virgin scrub, a place where they had never ventured before. The cows were very restless at milking time and seemed to have lost about half of their milk and they appeared to have been running, Apart from that they were all present and in good condition.
Later that day I examined the area under which the craft had been hovering, but found nothing out of the ordinary. Several years later I met a scout leader who mentioned an experience he had had while on a scout camp at Mosquito Hill. We were amazed and relieved that we had both seen what ever it was that night in October, 1966 and both of us had been too embarrassed to share our experience with anyone.

I have written my autobiography over the last two years and have included my UFO experience in that book---((title of book deleted)).

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