Occurred: 2023-07-25 04:40 Local
Reported: 2023-07-25 02:38 Pacific
Duration: 5-8 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Louisville, KY, USA

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Changed Colo

three flashing orangish red lights arranged in a triangle, dancing across the sky and blinking

I saw a very distant blinking light, it was white, and i thought it was a plane because planes pass all the time but it was moving really weird. it was dancing around and zipping too fast to be a plane so i asked my roommate if she saw it too, and we watched it for a while. we saw other flashing lights but this one kept coming back, it zipped around for a while before passing directly over our building and out of sight. as it got closer the color got orangey, but white at the same time almost. it was close enough to where we could see the lights clearly but they just looked like lights, no craft.

Posted 2023-09-10

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