NUFORC UFO Sighting 175031

Occurred: 2022-06-29 16:00 Local
Reported: 2023-03-17 02:41 Pacific
Duration: 120 seconds.
No of observers: 4

Location: Medellin, Antioquia Department, Colombia
Location details: The 6 UFO were over El Poblado Neighborhood .GPS Latitude 6.207856 Longitude.-75.568402

Shape: Egg
Characteristics: Lights on object

A bright clear Formation of 6/7 UFO formation, on a clear blue sky over Medellin city at Colombia, June-29-2022.

Report of a UFO formation, seen on June-29-2022.

Location: City of Medellin,Colombia.
Time. 3:30/4pm (Local Time)(8:30/9pm UTC)
Home front door &balcony,places where UFO formation was seeing

Case Story: An old lady arrived to front door of home,to buy a lotto ticket (A Lotto tickets selling authorized dealer), and advice my sister in-law about what she was seeing while sitted outside , “Look at those metallic balls on the sky” she sister in-law open the door went out and saw a formation of 7 UFO, in formation..she got in little shock, and adviced my wife , my wife went out home too, and as soon she saw the UFO formation, get inside home, running to the second floor , and told me about . “There are some UFOs, hurry up” and runned to the Home balcony, I was sitted reading pages on my PC on Ham Radio (I am a Ham radio lecensed operator), I moved quick , get the balcony , and started to see the MOST INCREDIBLE UFO SIGHT EVER!!...I SAW A FLOATING AND STOPPED FORMATION OF 6 UFO, (sister in-law saw 7!),METALLIC LOOK, AND THE FIRST ON FORMATION, I SAW ROTATING BLUE-RED-GREEN COLORS ON THE BOTTOM, , they were as an Egg shaped.I saw the lights on the one UFO I spent almost 40 seconds, seeing.
I took my Cell phone Samsung A02 model, to start taking pictures or video, I started saying dirty words, due I have to put the password to open my cell phone, the low brilliance mode of my cell screen and due sunlight was over the balcony, I missed PRECIOUS seconds of seeing the UFOs. My wife telling me about where to take the video, etc and I started to film...From that day to this early morning I did not saw NOTHING on the video!!..But I got an update of the REAL PLAYER application I got on my PC this morning, and started seeing FRAME BY FRAME and I saw SOMETHING, moving fast on the screen on Seconds 0.14 to 0.15, Hope you can analyze better.
After this INCREDIBLE UFO sights, I wait for the news on Local TV or Radio to report about this, but NO word about it !!, For me is impossible to think we were the only people to saw that UFO formation, due El Poblado neighborhood has plenty of tall buildings with a WONDER view to the place we saw them….I used the GPS page to get closer Latitude and longitude aproximated to the area I supposed is the right one. (My Ham Radio experience on that matter), Well after 2 days I started looking on Internet about this local UFO case, and I found on Youtube, that on JUNE 27/28 2022,a UFO sights were saw at San Diego California, ChulaVista, Tijuana and sourroundings at California USA, and seeing the videos on San Diego TV networks CNN, ABC etc, they were SIMILAR shapes and formation, that the one we saw on Medellin on June-29 !! ...but we saw on CLEAR BLUE SKY AND SHINNING SUNLIGHT over the UFOs !!.

By the way, close to my home place ,is the Local Airport Olaya Herrera operating, so this can be checked with the Control Tower and radar they have, about that day and hour if they were seeing the UFOs on Radar screen.

Hope if you contact me, I can answer anything about this UFO case.

Posted 2023-04-09

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