NUFORC UFO Sighting 175006

Occurred: 2023-03-14 03:00 Local
Reported: 2023-03-14 21:35 Pacific
Duration: 2 hours. 0300-daylight
No of observers: 2

Location: Theodore, AL, USA
Location details: The visible sky above my home. (all of it)

Shape: Star
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Left a trail, Changed Colo

Two clusters of UAP?, The first cluster started with 3 UAP? and eventually up to 6 and then finally 2 remain. About 20 to my 12oclock

Background: My name is , that Isn't my legal name but it is the name by which I am addressed. I am a trans-woman, a veteran, 32 years old, and I have travelled to many countries, I've also taken the time to have a "gap year" for myself…for several years. I'm a genius according to the doctor who administered an IQ test to me at childhood but I keep that to myself and play dumb. Essentially, in experiences I comprise a rare subset of the human population. I've probably watched way too much of Jordan Petersons works ironically but this lead to my discovery of To The Stars Academy, Tom Delonge and his involvement in "Disclosure", Project Unity and Dr. Steven Greer. And other such works. I delved deep into this for a long time with my best friend. He later moved on to make content for or do podcast with Project Unity.

I am well aware or convinced that the UAP phenomenon is absolutely a reality so much so that I would say I am overly confident in this matter furthermore, I have demonstrated a certain talent to some people who I felt share certain undefinable qualities (that I will attempt to best identify as, 'people who occupy the same density of conscious as I' or 'people on the same vibrational plain as myself' or to be blunt 'other indigo children' 'starseeds' etc…Yes. To be blunt, I believe some people are a conscious equivalent to NPCs or Non Player Computers in video games and some people have or are for a lack of better words "on a whole 'nother level" I tend to find people and connect with them when they manage to break through that glass ceiling.

I believe if there is a genuine attempt to disclose to the population another intelligent race(s) among us or even 'humans' from some other place or time; an elevation of the global collective conscious must occur first; as I have witnessed something more of a human phenomenon in conjunction with simultaneously occurring UAP phenomenon. I and my friends were observing a large quantity of UAP and attempting to record it in Gulfport MS in an apartment complex parking lot; (The apartments on 28th and 33rd by the SEABEES and the [formerly?] 7242nd MSU or 75th CASH.) The 3 of us tried to show people walking by, the UAPs. Some people stopped and tried to look at them.. They were very obvious afront of us and we pointed to them… and No-one could see them. No-one. Yet, I can catch this on camera. My friends can see this on camera. This is when I became aware that some or most people are not… aware.

I could discuss the perceived or assumed reasoning and mechanism behind this all day. I could, with fair confidence, just tell you exactly what's going on or why this is but I would be drawing the reasons from this pool of knowledge that seems to just come to me from some source outside of myself. In fact I feel connected to that source and happen to have discussions with it on occasion. You could say this is as equivocal in plausibility or to the mechanism in which people :feel: themselves 'talking to god' with the exception that I happen to be aware of when that entity is observable in the sky. In fact, the "talent" for lack of better words, that I have stated or claimed to possess and share with equal minded companions; is probably where I'll begin to get your attention if you have read this far (Also, there will be attached videos of UAP and a description of this mornings events so please, bear with me.)

On some occasions, my 'Spidey senses start tingling', something alerts me to a presence that will be among us in the sky. Perhaps, if you will, think of the "Spidey senses" as the entity up there 'yanking my chain' or 'tugging on my silver cord'. This is that "talent" or maybe its what you'd call ESP or extra sensory perception. Well, this is no dancing frog. I will confidently alert my friends that something is about to start happening in the sky and that they should look up. Usually without fail, it happens. Disclosure in real time brought to you by me. Usually there is some level of shock or dazzlement in this type of scenario. Ill simply tell anyone proudly that, "I talk to aliens" and "I can summon UFOs with my mind"…."no, seriously, watch me."

I don’t know the rules or mechanisms from which this "talent" seems to draw from but, apparently its okay for me to share it. Sometimes, I feel a little more than human. Sometimes, I feel there is some sort of universal protected status over my head. Well, as far as background goes. I'm going to leave out the other cool stuff I can do with terrestrial phenomenon because its not related to *this* particular phenomenon. I'm sure, touching on this alone, I've disclosed enough information to qualify for the asylum at this point. Too bad I can provide evidence. Too bad you are aware that these phenomenon are real. Light work is a chore. Please, if any agencies show up to haul me off, send like the MIB or something. Send more gang stalkers, those other guys couldn't keep up. ( I have to throw a joke in here somewhere before getting down to business ) No, seriously, Please don't tell my gang stalkers I know about them. I want to surprise them.
I will also include a recount of an event I observed a few years ago… That "mothership" the Pentagon speculates or knows exist and reported on the news and the "probes" that land inside it… Those are most certainly real. No need to speculate or say they might be there unless that's just their way of disseminating information to the sensitive public. Ill tell you as many details about it as I can after last nights event description. Ill also inform you of roughly where it was in the sky.
Note: I use the word UAP as its most common or fitting language here I believe although these object look and appear to be stars like they could be energy? Im not going to try to say I know/
Note: I use the word "flew" Because I simply don’t know what other word to use to describe unknown propulsion.

Now, for the UFO sighting report. My first report ever! (2 actually as I'm including a image of 2020 sighting) I just wanted to see how this goes if I throw in an effort. What can you guys do with this eh? The first set of UAP were kind of boring. About 3AM we (my partner and I) noticed 2 of the stars next to a tree at our 12 o clock position were seemingly converging on each other. We watched them for a while out of interest. These were what I refer to as the probes.. With time we noticed that sometimes the smaller star (probe) (top) would drift farther from the star (probe) (bottom.) The Bottom would sometimes make subtle sways (small degree turns) to the right or left while continuing on the upward pass. A third star.. And fourth star a 5th and sixth (this one was very briefly here) The 5th Went on a straight upwards path from the 11 o'clock where it appeared. And disappeared a little while later/ Star or probe 1, 2 and 3 continued to seemingly dance around each other in a somewhat straight line formation with variations in distances between each other and again some minor swaying during most of the activity they were moving VERY slowly though there were some burst of speed and on a few occasions and sometimes the probes or stars would blink out of sight and come back or fade in and out. Also, Star 1 had some red light emitted from center whereas all the rest were white. (this description transpires between 3 and 4 o'clock AM. 320-330 displayed the most movement,) My partner and I viewed these comfortably from the driver seat of my car. We had been outside smoking when we first noticed activity. Around 4 o clock the objects at our 12 o clock position began to be more active and I moved to get my Nikon camera from inside my home. My partner decided to use the hood of my car to stabilize their camera and try to get some videos of the craft. While I was inside.

Upon coming outside there were, to what was previously my 6 o clock position… fast moving object scattered across the sky moving in various directions. All of them also what I refer to as probes. These probes are usually at first inconspicuous stationary stars before become mobile and active. I did not have enough battery on my Nikon to take a video, I attempted some shots through a 300mm telescopic lenses but they came out as streaks of light. These UAP were certainly far too advanced for human technology. I observed one object appear in the forward center (12 o clock) of the sky above me and move to my 9 o'clock position, flew(?) in a full 360 degree loop and continued moving to the farthest edge of the visible horizon to my 9 o clock before moving the most distant horizon to my 3 o'clock *this occurred in under a minute, most like under 30 seconds* Some did what I refer to as rubber-banding, as in like PC games when there is video latency and objects appear to skip or teleport small distances. I observed 90 degree, as in instantaneous right angle movements (moving from horizontal to vertical.. Straight up. I'm trying to say there was no curvature to this motion.. Reminds me of VTOL if VTOL could make near instantaneous lift from a horizontal position. (0 degrees ascension?) My video camera being out of the picture, I gave up on trying to take stills of these guys. They were fast. It felt like watching an Airshow, an airshow where the pilots have jets that defy physics. I observed between 10 and 15 of these craft. None of their motions appeared coordinated or as if there was any type of organization to their movements. All most as if it were just to show off. Meanwhile my partner continued to watch the craft to what was now my 6 o'clock position (probe 1 2 3 and 5). These became more active and covered more distance between 430 and 5am thus, this is when these videos I am submitting were recorded by my partner.

The videos I have are with that said, the mostly slow moving craft. There are several minutes of watching them move at snails pace.. But nonetheless moving.. While there are some occasional accelerations and directional shift. My partner tried to take a still image of a craft with their phone. It came out interesting but also incoherent.

Enclosed is also A image / that explains timelines, locations, orientation and movement as well as visual descriptions of an event in which I observed what I believe the Pentagon has speculated to be a "mothership" and its "probes" If this isn't what the Pentagon is describing well… id be surprised?

There is a still image where my partner attempted to snap a still shot of an UAP, its just interesting or looks cool.

This sighting occurred at coordinate: 30.5692718519976, -88.20479558301322 facing East and West, (2 observers)

The mothership event occurred at coordinate: 30.475261786091345, -89.12632304907476 Facing South (between southeast and southwest)

Well, Id like to upload these videos but they are too large. All of them are too large. Ill enclose links from a 3rd party like YouTube, I hope that is acceptable as I have now spent a lot of time typing and see it might have been a waste of time.


Posted 2023-04-09

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