NUFORC Sighting 17498

Occurred: 1996-05-16 21:17 Local
Reported: 2001-05-02 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 25min
No of observers: 9

Location: Covington, KY, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Emitted other objects, Electrical or magnetic effects

object trails three through city, seen by alot, video taped

my 2 friends and i were skateboarding in a bank parking lot we were filming each other skating.we had been there awhile i was filming my friend and the camera went out.we got it working and started skating and filming again. oh by the way we were in the middle of downtown covington buisness district.he pulled off a few tricks and landed facing the sky. he was asking what was in the sky. i said dont know looks like the lights from building next store reflecting on the clouds(it was a cloudy warm night).the camera went out again my other friend skated over and got it working. the lights in the parking lot went out as they did every night. the object was still there. we filmed it for a minuite and got out of there. it just didnt feel right to one of my friends and we skated to our car about a half block away. let me discibe the object. it was huge, above the clouds. guess thats why it looked like a reflection. the front of the object was a circle with four smaller circles in was all white but you could make out the smaller circles. behind it was four multi colored bars. two on each side like this _________ _________ o 0 0 o _________ ________ to give you an idea on how big it was in the smaller circles you could have fit a small plain. we skated to the car and the object seemed to move our direction. we were freaking friend was still taping it me and the other were trying to get his keys out of his pants. he stopped taping and we jumped infirst thing we did was look at the time. we were in a geo metro i grabbed the camera and opened the hatch he took off it followed us. when we got to the sixth st church(big church)the front circle had become sepperate from the rest and was coming down at us we were hanging out the windows screaming still taping. whenwe got to one of our houses we all jumped out and his mom came out she is real religeous and said mary talked about this stuff. freaked us out a little more some of there neighbors came out and saw it over the house. she then called her daughter across town and she could see it in the distance.we all viewed the tape the next day with our parents and really made them see why we were so freaked.i had never felt true fear til that night. later on a few other people said they had seen it. a couple of days later we read in the paper a huge object was sighted over nevada or arizona where the whole city saw the object they dismissed on tv as flairs. a person seekinanswers. i am now as of this date 5/2/01 23 years old


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Posted 2001-08-05

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