Occurred: 1979-10-06 20:50 Local
Reported: 2023-03-04 10:11 Pacific
Duration: approximately 10 minutes
No of observers: 4

Location: South Haven, MN, USA
Location details: north side of Clearwater Lake

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object

Large object with 4 glowing greenish yellow lights sitting on the surface of the lake.

This story is very much a part of the lore of of family cabin, and has been retold many times over the years. It was the first Saturday of October, 1979. We were at our family cabin duck hunting on the north side of Clearwater Lake in South Haven, Mn. I was there along with my dad, my uncle and my younger cousin. We had all gotten up early Saturday morning before dawn to go out hunting, and everyone was tired and in bed early that night. My uncle and dad were asleep in the two back bedrooms. I was on the couch and my younger cousin was on a folding cot in front of the living room window. I was just drifting off to sleep when my cousin started franticly screaming "There's a ufo! There's a ufo! Theres a ufo" My dad and uncle came running out from the back bedrooms to the front kitchen window overlooking the lake. It was then that we observed a large object with 4 yellow green glowing lights in the center of the lake directly in front of our cabin. It was hard to make an estimate as to the size of the object due to the darkness of the night, but it appeared very large, maybe as much as 150 feet long. It blocked out the view of Bungalow Island directly to the south of us so it was large. The object was on the water or in the air slightly above the water. It remained motionless for approximately 4 minutes and then started slowly moving to the west, still barely above the surface of the lake. It was at this point that everyone went outside into the yard to continue watching. The object slowly rose off the surface of the lake at approximately a 45 degree angle until it was approximately 300 feet in the air, then remained motionless in the sky for approximately 5 minutes. It then accelerated to the south west at a high rate of speed. When everyone came back inside the cabin, my uncle rubbed his hands together and exclaimed "boys, that was not an airplane! "

Conclusion- I have checked this site on and off over the years hoping some one else reported the same sighting. There were mostly seasonal cabins on our lake back at that time and not many people in the area. Always wondered if other people saw the same thing. I always thought what was unique about our sighting was the fact that it was motionless in the middle of the lake when we first observed it. About a year before my dad passed away in 2015 I asked him details of what I remember about that night and response was that I was remembering everything correctly. I still discuss this event from time to tome with my younger cousin who shared this experience.

Posted 2023-03-06

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