NUFORC UFO Sighting 174864

Occurred: 2023-03-04 03:04 Local
Reported: 2023-03-04 04:18 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour+
No of observers: 2

Location: North Rock Springs, WY, USA
Location details: A trailer park north of Rock Springs, east and beneath White Mountain.

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Emitted other objects, Changed Colo

My fiance and I saw moving yellow lights engaging in high speed maneuvers

I'm 24, drink (but had no alcohol as of the day of or the day before sighting and report), have no military or civilian aircraft training, and I do and was smoking delta 8 (legal in my jurisdiction) this night for full disclosure. My eyesight is also poor.

At around 0305, about an hour and a half before starting writing this, I went to have a late-night cigarette (as I am lifelong sufferer from insomnia) and, while watching the snow fog roll in, had my attention attracted by a bright, steady yellow light that appeared to be in the very low atmosphere, perhaps between 5-15 miles distant, moving out of the north into the south west, with steadiness. I was watching from a trailer park where I live with my fiance close to and directly beneath White Mountain, facing east. I instantly ran to bedroom to wake my fiancé.

Although she was groggy and had to put her contacts in, and did not see anything (at first), she came back to the front door after putting in her eyes (I was now waiting just inside the door as it was around 4 or 5 degrees Fahrenheit not accounting for the chill) and we watched them for a while. She saw them too.

I saw a yellow light move north in an arcing fashion, like it was making a half-circle in the air, and then it began to descend rapidly while still moving forward (north), before blinking out. The descent was rapid, though potentially not rapid enough to exclude UAVs as a possibility. As I have said, I have no military experience and cannot speak to military hardware or its capabilities.

Another one soon popped into being after the first one went out, then the first one came back to life, and we saw both, though they were stationary when this particular movement occurred.

We watched, from the cold of the front door, for over forty-five minutes together. The lights continued to increase and lower their elevation, though usually turned off before seeming to move. Eventually, given that I did wake her from a dead sleep, she returned to bed. But I continued watching them turn on and off, and show up in different places for the next 15 minutes, after which no activity was noticeable. I remained a further quarter of an hour before retrieving the laptop to file this report. I have since checked on the sky several times with no sign of any further abnormal activity.

The whole time, lights would blink into existence around other lights that came from nowhere, which I figured could have been stars obfuscated by the fog, until they would begin to move, sometimes before switching their lights off. Sometimes I could swear that they were putting off red light, but it was so fleeting, I can still not be sure, especially given the fog and my eyesight, which began to progressively cloud over after a while.

There were no less than two, but I suspect there were more, as sometimes I would catch glimpses of light pulsing around a central light in the sky almost exactly east of my position. I could not discern if the central light was a craft or a celestial object, but it seemed the other light(s) kept a close proximity to it, and I used this central light as reference point, while glancing askance at the lights to better view them, to detect movement. I saw the lights moving at least four times without "turning off" first. My fiance saw at least 2 of these 4 occasions of movement, minus the first time I saw it alone and went to wake her, and another instance where she was watching with me, but could not see the lights as well as I (my eyes had almost completely adjusted by this point).

If it weren't for the fact that I know we saw no fewer than two moving objects, I would say the fog was just playing tricks on us. They moved, though. They were piloted craft, beyond a doubt. These could have been UAV's, though the speed and maneuvers were something I have yet to see a civilian drone pull off. If it wasn't a drone, F-35, or Harrier (which I say because the lights would frequently sit still, turn out, then move, which is, in theory, not beyond the capabilities of anything I just named) then the best I can figure is that one of these lights was acting as a staging area for the other(s).

I watch these skies every day. I have seen strange things in the skies, but never something strange that was also certainly, beyond a doubt, piloted or controlled by something intelligent. I must say, the lights instantly struck me as out of place. I saw no landing lights (airport in town), no distinguishing characteristic, whatever, beyond the yellow, quickly moving, seemingly stealth-seeking lights. I saw no evidence of increased aerial activity subsequent to the sighting.

As a side note, the neighbor's dog wouldn't quit barking, but I promise you, he don't need a reason to start that racket up.

Posted 2023-03-06

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