NUFORC UFO Sighting 174352

Occurred: 2023-02-08 10:09 Local
Reported: 2023-02-07 19:31 Pacific
Duration: approx 10 minutes,
No of observers: 1

Location: melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Location details: bright light (1), size of a star, moving south to north, with variations. directly above clear sky,

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object

Not moving in a directly straight path. Took to long to be aircraft, very bright light. Watched movements 10 minutes.

OK, to start with--i am not a nut, i have always been of the mind ,that we have strange happenings in our skies and on our ground. Several years ago in the 1960's, I experieced a very very bright blinding white light, following me, while driving my utility in new south wales, Australia. It was getting to dusk, I moved faster with my vehicle ,but it came closer and brighter -even blinding in my r/v/mirror, illuminating the inside of my truck, I was about to pull off the road, and it just 'disappeared', unfortunately I was alone, sober, and cannot, and did not sustanciate what I had seen to anyone.

All the years since I have been skeptical, about ufo.s. I have seen other anomalies in our skies, but put it to one side, of my memory. TODAY,
THIS, very bright single light (spot), was seen, from my house verandah while I was enjoying a little warmth and sun,( no I was not tired or asleep, or any other form of "coud have " situation). I did not have sun glasses on, but I live in an area with many aircaft passing my home on the regular flight routes and paths east to west. BUT , this object seen today was NOT an aircaft of our sorts. I could only see this very bright (like led brightness), very high in the sky,(no sound whatsoever), I did think it was an aircraft just going on a normal roote, it was very slow moving,and for a while seemed to be in a straight line.

THE light was the size of a medium star, but no fading or dimming, I tried to see beyond this light and it seemed to have something behind the light .. Not very visible from so far away. After about 5 minutes travelling from south to north, in very clear blue skies ,with occasional whisps of cloud , not moving very much. I did notice that at some time the cloud shielded the light ,for just a few moments, I considerd this, as some clouds higher than the craft, and other clouds lower than the craft. NOW,THE LIGHT STOPPED MOVING,! Momentary, then appeared to divert to the right,( towards the area of the airport (tullamarine),not much !, then change back to a "varied path movement," NOT consistent with any aircraft movements we woud ever see here in oz.

The light continued to the north until a cloud covered it and it was also deminished in size and brightness, obviously because it was getting further away from my sight. ALL this took over 10 minutes, and I know from experience that a NORMAL, aircraft would have been gone long before this 'craft. THIS WAS NOT A BALOON, nor a bird or any other sort of known craft…I shall be more dilligent in future and have my binoculars handy , a camera would have been too hazy as this was a long way up there! I would appreciate some sort of reply ,and wonder if anyone else saw what I was seeing ! Thanks , male, "concscientious objector".

Posted 2023-03-06

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