NUFORC Sighting 173874

Occurred: 1983-02-14 01:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2023-01-12 07:02 Pacific
Duration: 3 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: West Palm Beach, FL, USA
Location details: On the beach behind the Hilton Hotel

Shape: Disk

A fleet of flying saucers passed overhead, changing formation. Why did MUFON squelch this?

I was at The Hilton on Singer Island, for what could have been the most important job interview of my life. It was for the executive chef position of a hotel chain the King of Saudi Arabia was about to start. I was on the beach, around 1AM after a snack, contemplating my interview at 9am in the morning.

On the horizon I saw what looked like one of those search lights crossing the sky. I thought it curious and so I watched it without interruption. The search light beam seemed to then break away from the horizon and was a beam of light coming towards my location.
As the beam approached, it resolved into individual dots of light, flying in an unorganized group. Further along the dots became disks or saucer shaped. I could see at least 40 and maybe 50 of the disks. Most were small but about eight of them were considerably larger. The group changed formation from a scattered group to sets of two large disks followed by five smaller disks, followed by two larger disks, five smaller, and so on.
As they approached what was nearly directly overhead I could see a smaller disk fly, what looked like, into a larger disk at the front of the formation.
As the formation reached about overhead they made a left turn and followed the beach south. I could see starts through the formation and there was no sound from them. I could tell that they were being illuminated from the sun, around the other side of the Earth. They were perfect disks and NOT cigar shaped.
As the formation passed southward it turned back into a beam of light of unresolved disks.
I was sharing the room with another executive team candidate named Dan McCormick of Boston. Dan came home from his dinner engagement and as the formation went southwards he returned to the room. I shouted a few times for him to come quickly which he did. But the formation was just a beam of light by the time he witnessed it. He was not impressed. I had no further contact with him since and never did have contact info for him anyway.
To estimate the size of these disks is difficult. They were definitely large enough to distinguish disks from any other shape. I guess if I held a pea at arms length it might be the size of one of the larger ships...
That's it for the sighting.

I filed this report with MUFON back around 2005 or so. Report number 83669. Over the last five years I've tried to get a copy of my report from them numerous times, with no response. But my last attempt in December 2022, was answered and the response was that there is a case with the number I provided but it's unavailable and zero info is accessible. I have my suspicions about why but I am just in need of talking to people in the know about this case. I'm getting old and fear my sighting will fall between the cracks.

Here's my suspicion; About four or five years ago there was a show, I think on The History channel about President Reagan and his space force. It was mixed with the Star Wars program talks and also about having men on Mars building a site. The space force was described as 40 to 550 cylinder shaped crafts with about eight of them as larger vessels. But they were displayed on the show as cylinders or cigar shaped, NOT disks.
I'm wondering of there's any connection between my sighting and this fleet described on the show. Maybe the US did build a fleet but they weren't cylindrical in shape. Hence the MUFON blackout.....sensitive info.

Posted 2023-03-06

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