NUFORC UFO Sighting 17340

Occurred: 1991-06-15 03:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2001-04-21 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 1 minute
No of observers: 0

Location: Stone Mountain, GA, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted other objects

Disk, super fast, very low, completely silent.

At this time i was between 17/18 years old and living with my parents. My best friend was staying over for the night. Him and i went out at around 3am to go swimming at the club house swimming pool. (Yes it was closed, but we would jump the fence and swim anyway...i paid dues for the right to swim so i was going to do it when i wished.) As we came about two hundred yeards for the pool fence, we saw a large streak of light go across the sky, similar to a comet type firework. The color was green, like green flames, so we though someone shot a firework of some sort that did not make any kind of report. (Report as in sound) (I am not saying this is related to the craft to come, however a link is possible, even though i cannot say that there is in fact a link between them.) I do not know how long my best friend and i had been swimming before leaving, i would estimate an hour. We were talking in detail about many things like friends do, and we decided to stay outside until we had finished talking. My parents room was right above mine, and talking in a normal voice is easily heard from their room. So, we sat on my car in the drive way and continued our convercation. Now, i began to notice what i thought was a street light being obstructed by something else out of my peripheral vision. Like trees blowing and disrupting the light. However, i took note that there was no wind blowing, and so not enough to move any tree branches. So then i started looking to see what it was that was blocking the light at times. When i began to focus on the light, i then realize it was not a street light to begin with....and the source of this light was moving. (Coming at us.) I will not post my exact words, i said something to the effect of, "What is the world is that?" My best friend and i walked to the middle of the drive way to get under this objects flight path, or as close as we could guesstimate. It was at this point we got an idea of how fast this object was moving. I have no frame of reference, so i cannot tell you how fast it was moving. I have never been to an air show and have not seen a fighter jet make a low level, high speed pass. This craft was flying about 100 feet off the ground. As it came closer, i noticed the light source was a large tube coming from the bottom of the craft, and it was a clear tube. The light itself was amber in color, and it illuminated the bottom of the craft. The tube was about one third the size of the bottom of the craft, and the tube was located in the center. The illumination was not a brilliant light, it was dull, just like what you would expect from a street light at a distance in the color amber. You could clearly see the tube as being clear, and the light contained with it. I have no idea what material the craft was made of, other than to say it looked dark from the illumination of the amber light. I saw nothing but the tube and what it illuminated because the tube was my main focus. I could not take my eyes off of it. It was moving at a very fast rate, and from the time we took real notice and moved up the drive way all took about one minute. This craft made no audible sound....not even a whisper. And the craft was about the size of...i am having trouble relating its size.....if you were to cross two streched limousines . (make a cross of them) As it went over us and past my house, my best friend and i ran to the back of my house and up the balcony in the back to watch it for as long as we could before it went out of sight. When i first realized it was a craft, a craft i believed to be alien, my first impulse was to run back to my car and jump under it. Hey i am not ashamed to admit it scared me. During the whole encounter, neither friend nor myself spoke a word after we saw what the craft was. Both of us were in shock, and we did not speak for around 5 minutes after the craft had been gone. When we went into my house, we both took note that it was 5:50am. The pool was only about a 10 minute walk away. I do not claim anything happend other than what i just reported. I do not believe anything other than that happend. I cannot account for that large time loss, although as i said, i do not know how long we were swimming, nor do i know how long we talked on my car. The green streak was moving from the North West heading South East. The craft was moving east to west. I do not know if they were connected as said before, but i do not deny the possibility.


Date is approximate. PD

Posted 2001-04-28

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