NUFORC UFO Sighting 173363

Occurred: 2022-12-09 21:44 Local
Reported: 2022-12-10 14:44 Pacific
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Springfield, OR, USA
Location details: back pation of our home, facing Eastward.

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Changed Colo

Blue, pulsating light, below 7,000ft cloud ceiling on a rainy night.

I stepped out on our patio to lock our garage door in preparation for going to bed. I looked Eastward and immediately saw a very strange, blue-colored light, hovering over and behind trees next to the McKenzie River. It was raining out, so I knew that this object had to be below the cloud deck.

I snapped a couple of pictures with my new iPhone 14 Pro Max (raw mode), then immediately went inside to grab my Luna Optics night vision binoculars. I returned to the patio and went to turn the binoculars on, and found the batteries were dead, even though brand new. I returned inside, grabbed my auxiliary battery brick, and powered the binoculars using the external battery source.

I have been around aviation for my entire life, and I knew this was not like anything I had ever seen. We have a large hospital immediately to our North, and I enjoy watching the lifeflight helicopters flying in and landing on the hospital roof. This was not a helicopter, and was not a drone, which I see flying over the river often.

I had enough time to check all of my flight programs for aircraft in the area, and there were none. I called 911 to report this sighting, just so there would be an official log of it. I tried calling our local airport control tower but could not find a number. I did access the airport's weather data and found that the cloud ceiling was 7000ft. I took approximately 8 minutes of video using my phone and night vision binoculars.

The "6005" video is a video I shot of the moon and clouds after this sighting, to show that the wind and clouds were moving in the opposite direction of the object's movement.

I love watching the night sky, and my wife and I sit for hours every evening during the Summer watching satellites and aircraft fly overhead. We are very adept at identifying aircraft types, and are very familiar with space stations, StarLink, etc.

I have a library of reference objects that I have recorded with my Luna Optics LN-G3-B50 binoculars, so am very familiar with the appearance of most flying objects at night.

PLEASE contact me for a link to the 7 minute 1.3gb video file that I have. Your site won't let me upload it, and I don't want to shorten/modify it.

Posted 2022-12-22

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