Occurred: 1974-11-16 13:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2022-11-19 15:50 Pacific
Duration: 30-40 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA
Location details: On corner of busy street

Shape: Egg
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted other objects, Changed Color, Landed, Possible abduction, Missing Time

I thought it was a toy, yellow and blue plastic, as I got closer I was addressed telepathically

I was five years old, getting sun as I had just recovered from chicken pox. It was around 1:00 PM on a busy corner in Santa Monica. I saw what looked like an approximately 2 foot tall by 1 foot diameter egg shaped object with rotating lights, red, blue green, purple, and yellow. I felt it was trying to get my attention. I wanted to pick it up and take it home, I was so excited to have found this brand new toy.
As I was about to pick my new toy up, a monotone electronic sounding male voice in my head said "Hi Meeshell, we're here for you, please don't touch our craft" I felt very scared. I thought someone was playing a prank on me. They asked me a lot of questions and I answered with visions or pictures in my head. They told me that they could trust me and I was an important person to help them.
As I looked closer I saw that within the egg shaped object there was a rotating middle portion which was blue and had rotating picrures of what I now know looked like grey aliens with big eyes and skinny. At the time I had no knowledge of aliens or ufos. They were very polite but I was scared nonetheless and I basically froze.
They told me no need to be scared at all and that I was chosen. They said that they would be watching me from now on and would visit. They were reading my thoughts, and I was thinking gift as proof of loyalty. They said "a gift" and a drawbridge came down and a small maybe 2" door slid open right to left The surface had previously been seamless. A small maroon egg shaped object with thick chrome colored wire wrapped around the middle and a tab bent up at one end of the wire rolled down the ramp. I picked it up no idea what it was.
The said something like here it is.
I started running fast to my Mom's apartment, sadly she was not there. I went to her friends house where I found her. I showed them the gift and handed it to my Mom's friend. She said "What is this, where did you get this?". I began to explain my encounter that had just happened.
She started trying to open the gift. The metal wire was pliable and seemed almost liquid like mercury. She twisted opposite directions top and bottom, it opened and she pulled out a string of rice paper elephants in a line trunk to tail. She was happy for me and said it was very special and that they trusted me enough to show themselves. The gift somehow was lost eventually and I have never been able to locate it again.
I started Montessori school shortly after this incident, and was obsessed with painting and drawing the egg shaped object but never tried to explain what it was to anyone in fear of being ridiculed.

Posted 2022-12-22

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