Occurred: 1977-07-04 23:59:00 Local
Location: Happy, TX, USA
Shape: Diamond
Duration: unkown
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2001-04-05 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 2001-04-28 00:00:00

On the 4th of July at my aunts house me and my girlfriend wanted to watch the firecrackers from the old field. After watching we started to make out and in the corner of my eye I saw, 3 ufo's! they were a white color with a bunch of colored lights outlining the bottom. Then when my girlfriend was about to scream I told her not to they might find us. So as we were slowly getting up we saw that the ufo's where distributing a whitish blue light like laser beams. So we started to crawl very swiftly. then we gto into my uncles car and stared to drive off. Then all of the sudden our car stopped with a jerk! then i looked to my right only to see that the 3 ufo's where there only above them was a bigger ship. It was 10 times the size!! It looked exactly the same except the ligths on the bottom where blinking as if talking to the otehr ships. then my girlfriend grabbed me by th e arms and took me into the a feild and we ran for our lives!! Then she fell as if she was dead. Then so did i. I don't rember what happened exactly but then i rember waking up in a silver room on a table naked!! It seemed like i was chained to the tabel then i felt i had straps on my neck writs and ankles. Then I looked to my rigth and I saw tools that looked like a scafel a knife and twizers! then I looked o my left to find my girlfriend surrounded by a binch of silvery whit people!! She to was naked too! then the aliens entered my room and one of them looked at me and turned to the other one the other ine which seemed like an older one gave a hand signal to the younger one. Then they picked up the twizers ((deleted)) I tryed to scream but i coulndn't speak!! Then they picked up the scafel and cut of that pice of skin!! It didn't hurt! Then they picked up the knife and ((deleted)) I found this very srange then I remeber going back to sleep.I woke up in another room only this time we weren't chained and My girlfriend stacy was next to me. I looked at her and noticed! that ((deleted)) was a line with a very snall triangle!! Then I ((deleted)) flab of skin that was missing my penis had a triangl on it!! All I rember after that was waking up in a feild nakd and our clothes where nowhere to be found we both had our scars still so it couldn't have been a dream.


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