Occurred: 2022-08-06 22:37:00 Local
Location: Itasca, TX, USA
Location details: Hill county road 4434 over a inprogress building of 6000 acre solar farm
Shape: Light
Duration: A little over a hour
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2022-08-08 13:17:41 Pacific
Posted: 2022-09-09 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object

1 was red , floating then shot straight up & disappear, 2 were basically white with some blue, they were hovering over the solar farm

She was letting her dogs out and spotted 3 objects. 1was to the north hovering over woods, red , other 2 were mostly white with blue, hovering over a solar farm under construction. No sound at all, even crickets & no dogs sounds. The 2 would be hovering then zip over to another location! Faster than anything she’s ever seen. Then hover. Red object sitting still over woods (at edge of solar farm) suddenly shot straight up & disappeared, like a rocket, no sound! She took dogs in & came back out and the 2 were still there, like they were surveying the tall electric metal towers being constructed. Mind you we are out in middle of nowhere. No light pollution. Dark as can be. She watched the 2 hover and zip across & stop on a dime and hover! She said there’s no aircraft that can do that. Then they zipped off to N E and up & disappeared, no sound! This was Saturday night. No work was being done

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