Occurred: 2022-08-03 22:45:00 Local
Location: Linden, TN, USA
Location details: Eastern sky, close range, not on the horizon
Shape: Orb
Duration: Hours
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2022-08-04 10:09:26 Pacific
Posted: 2022-09-09 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Emitted other objects, Changed Color, Landed

Lighted craft, moves like a drone usually, changes color, and brightness, emits no sound, darts at extreme speed occasionally, etc.

I have been seeing this UAP regularly for about 10 months or so now, law enforcement can not explain what it is, people I talk to are either baffled, or don't believe me. This U.A.P. usually starts out as a flash of light, then slowly starts becoming more visible through the trees, close to ground level. It moves like drone usually, slowly and silently, with occasionall darts of intense speed, or will suddenly vanish instantly sometimes for a few seconds. I will see it every night for a few weeks, then it may not be seen again for a few weeks, or a couple of months, but then it keep reappearing, it has almost a strict schedule, it appears nightly between 10:00 - 11:00 pm, or around 4:00 am, and it will remain visible until sunrise when it is no longer detectable.the first time I saw it , it actually emitted around 6 additional, small orbs, about basketball size, which then proceeded to flank both side of my valley, dribbling among the trees near the ground, up at the ridgeline. They appeared to actually land momentarily a few times, and at that point, the trees near the ground were illuminated like car headlights. I watched this for probably 2 hrs, before going inside. Lately, the light is usually solitary, and changes to look like a jellyfish, an orb, a small waterfall of fire, a mushroom shaped dome, with a cluster of surgical lights underneath, or just a small light in the sky. The color is usually orange, amber, yellow, or red, with the grouping of surgical lights always an intense white. The light seems to brighten, and darken, or sometimes rotate, and change shape.

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