NUFORC Sighting 170723

Occurred: 1982-05-13 02:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2022-07-27 08:27 Pacific
Duration: unknown
No of observers: 0

Location: Houston, TX, USA
Location details: Alief area far SW Houston

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Color, Missing Time

Outside my house after work smooking my pipe before going to bed

I worked at a TV station and after signing off I was standing in my driveway about 2am smoking my pipe. It was a rural area, a field behind me and my house in the middle of seven. The area was very dark and the it was quiet in the sense that there was a train in the distance, bugs and birds making noise, a few dogs barking in the distance, just a quiet time for me to power down from the day before going to bed. I was leaning up against the car and just chilling. All of a sudden the noises stopped, no train, no birds, no sound at all. I was puzzled and happened to look up. There was a dark blue object which crossed above me, roughly cigar shaped. The blue was dark but almost glowed somehow. The bottom of the cigar had a moving yellowish glow, almost like that of a chemical fireplace log. The object appeared to be large but I had no scale to compare it. It looked to be about 50 - 60 feet length but if it was higher than it seemed it could be larger. The object passed smoothly over the house and disasppeared behind the next door neighbor's house. I started to go back a few steps to see it again but I didn't. The next thing I remember is becoming aware of my surroundings. I shock my head and looked around, not seeing the object. In a second or two the night noises were back and all was normal. I wasn't in the habit of "zoning out" , I was not overly tiired, was in my late 40's, in good health witih not kown health issues. What I noticed was that I was still holding my pipe, green ceramic pipe which was always warm to hot to the touch. I had just lighted the pipe a few minutes earlier and noted with some surprise that it was absolutely cold to the touch. That puzzled me again and led me to question how much time had passed. I could not find a answer to that question. My watch was in the car, along with my notebooks. I was in the same place and position but a farily significant time had passed, something on the order of five to ten minutes for the pipe to cool down but I had no recognition of any time that had passed. I saw nothing else out of the ordinary and finally went to bed and off to sleep. I had no idea where how or where to report it and on reflection decided to keep quiet and not talk about it, leaving me open to the reaction of friends and family of being a "wakko", "nut job", etc; "Hey did you get an anal probe, too?" LoL. So I kept it to myself until now. I realize that the amount of time passing makes it virtually a non-sighting if you will, but I thought it was iimportant because the shape of the object, the "glowing" which I can't reallly describe properly, but very unusual. There were no blimps stationed in our area at the time to the best of my knowledge, the shape was more lengthly and the shap not quite right for a blimp. The night was mild, no wind to speak of, and few lights were around, it being at the time a rural area, at the SW boundry of Houston/Alief area between Houston and Sugarland. I decided to report this just because perhaps it has some value even at this point. I just can't account for what had to be the missing five to seven minutes, the pipe still in my mouth with my hand holding onto the bowl, but finding it now cold. That bothers me - I don't like not knowing what, if anything, occured during that period, but I know I was not in "control" of myself during that period. The last thing I remembered before I "came back" to normal, was turning to my left to go see if I could see the object again, except I evidently never turned, in fact never moved from where I was. So I just stood there, not doing anything, not knowing anything for least five minutes. Anyway I hope this may be of some value now. I am 78 years old now and still remember it as clearlly as anything I have ever seen. I am not a nut case, I read sci fi for pleasure on occasion but I am not a real fan. I am pretty average in every way but I know what I saw and yet I don't know what I saw. I know I have no explanation for it or for the "damping" effect of all the night noises that were present. I have no other experiences of UFO's but now I have told you this one for whatever its worth.

Posted 2022-09-09

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