NUFORC Sighting 170123

Occurred: 2022-06-29 04:16 Local
Reported: 2022-06-29 17:33 Pacific
Duration: Approximately 20 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Clinton Township, MI, USA
Location details: North East Sky

Shape: Sphere
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Changed Colo

I think it wanted to be seen.

Approximately 4:16a my partner had a random urge to check the window. I did not actually know what he was doing, as the window was behind me. He was standing there for a good five minutes before I inquired what he was doing. He said, "I'm looking at this huge star. It's the only one out there.". He asked me to come look at it to see if it was a planet or the north star. I was actually shocked when I saw it. It was much too low to be a star or a planet and it was glaringly white. I continued to look at trying to figure out what it was when I noticed it was actually changing color and I could see a reddish/orange flashing. The entire time we viewed this object, it did not drift, go up or down, it was stationary. I told him that I was seeing the color change and he said he noticed other colors; green, blue, red, orange. We stepped onto our front porch and I asked to use his iphone to zoom in with the camera for a better look. That's when I saw it was clearly not a plane or a planet and it was moving within itself in a triangular pattern. There was also a slight halo type shine around it. I showed my partner and he took the phone and tried to get an even clearer shot of it. When he zoomed in, we could clearly see that it was rapidly moving in the triangular pattern INSIDE itself but still looked like a sphere and was still hovering, stationary. It was eerie. There were no birds, no bugs, it was very still and silent even though this object was a considerable distance. By this time, we noticed the object was getting dim. It appeared that it was going in the direction away from us and slow enough that we could see it getting more dim the further away it was getting until it quite literally disappeared. There were no trails, no smoke, no anything left behind. The sky was significantly lighter in that area oddly, despite it still being dark out. Meaning, that the sky was blue. Not black. It was very strange. After it was gone, it went back to being black.

We live in a mobile home park. There are so many trees and homes that block our view in that direction that we thought it was quite strange that it appeared directly in our line of sight, low enough to make it easy to rule out that it was not a plane, planet or star. It feels like it wanted us to know it was there and when we had figured out what it was, or rather wasn't, it left. It was also strange that my partner felt the urge, for seemingly no reason at all, to get up and go to the window.

Posted 2022-09-09

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