NUFORC UFO Sighting 165710

Occurred: 2021-12-04 18:30 Local
Reported: 2021-12-04 17:18 Pacific
No of observers: 1

Location: Wiscasset, ME, USA
Location details: Coastal "Midcoast" Maine (near Wiscasset),looking out above/across the islands of Westport, Georgetown, & the Phippsburg Penninsula

Shape: Other
Explanation: Starlink - Probable
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail, Emitted beams

A distinct, straight "line of bright white light" high in the sky, containing multiple distinct dots of bright white light within it.

The "line of lights" contained multiple bright dots (I estimate at least a dozen, maybe multiple dozens. It was all white light. It was steady (not pulsating). It was straight (not curved, nor fanned-out.). It seemed to have rays of light within it (i.e. it wasn't all one solid ray of the same brightness or density). It had a beginning and an end, though I couldn't estimate the length because I could not know it's distance (if it was at jet cruise altitude around 30k feet, then I'd estimate it's length at five or six 747 airliners placed end-to-end). I couldn't watch it for too long because I was stopped in the travel lane and had to worry about any cars that might come by, although no vehicles came near me). It did not appear to be moving. It did not fan out at any angle - all rays of light within it seemed parallel. There was no sound or strange feeling associated with it, although I wish I'd have been looking up there earlier, as I have a feeling it was just hanging up there for a long time, though I can't be certain. There was no movement of the "line of light", and I didn't see movement of the bright dots within it. This is a very rural area. No tall buildings. The angle I was looking up in the sky there was ZERO chance that I was looking at Christmas lights or any land-based lights. I was looking at a very bright star which was just to the left of this "line of lights" This is near the Maine coast and this may have been over the ocean (I was looking south/south-east toward the ocean). It was definitely not an aircraft chem trail, nor was it any conventional terrestrial aircraft at all (I'm former US Navy and I am used to observing objects and describing them accurately & comparing them to known military or civilian air or water craft). I saw this line of lights for about a minute, and then suddenly, after I once again turned my gaze toward the road to check for traffic, I looked back and it was gone. The actual time was about 6:45 pm EST. I've never seen anything so distinct and unusual as this before, and this is the first time I've reported any "UFO".

Posted 2021-12-19

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