Occurred: 1994-04-04 21:14:00 Local
Location: Von Ormy, TX, USA
Shape: Other
Duration: ?
No of observers: 3
Reported: 2001-02-19 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 2001-02-24 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Electrical or magnetic effects

Summary of San Antonio MUFON investigator trainee's Von Ormy, Texas UFO investigation

Judy Moore and I went to interview a family living on a farm near Von Ormy, Texas that had an encounter with a U.F.O. one night about a month ago. . . . We interviewed the mother, a computer programmer in San Antonio, and her children, filling out MUFON forms and having them draw what they remembered seeing. We also took photos of the area, and walked all around the area. . . . The sighting occurred around 9:30 p.m., or so, with the object first seen hovering over a large field in front of the farm house, shining lights down on the field (the field had cattle in it when we looked at it and is subleased to another family) when one of the children saw it, and with lights off but clearly visible when the mother was alerted. It came toward the house 50 - 100 feet above the ground, coming toward one of the children (13-year-old daughter] outside, who ran, quite frightened, inside the house. (When last seen by one of them, it was quite close to one side of the house.) The mother ran for a gun, dogs, cats and nearby coyotes were making a lot of noise and reacting, and then the object disappeared. When they were outside the house, with the object nearby, they felt a lot of heat. They speculated later that they may have been exposed to radiation, since they all developed colds just after the incident , possibly because their immune systems had been affected. (Or, this could have just been a coincidence.) Later, in the middle of the night, a radio and TV (that have remote controls) came on further frightening them. . . . There were some indications that they may've been abducted. [She and the daughter examined themselves for possible surgical implants, tissue removal, etc., and all she noticed was something like a mosquito bite behind one ear, that would'nt go away.] She said she had had two "false pregnancies" when I asked if she'd ever had any. The woman said she'd meet with a local abductee support group, and is interested in being hypnotically regressed to see if anything can be remembered that is perhaps being blocked from conscious memory. . . . Hearing all their stories separately, it sounded convincing that something unusual had occurred. . . . The craft had made no sound other than, perhaps, a low humming sound, that the mother thought she might've heard. . . . They called 911, sheriff's deputies came, and deputies continue to check on them almost every night. The woman's husband's response puzzles me a bit, as well as the fact that she had made little mention of him when she first told us about the incidence. He had not been at the house when the incidence occurred. The woman said he had been supportive when I asked how he fit in. While we were there he was working outside, came in later, we were introduced to him, and he went to sleep on the sofa by the TV. . . . Personally I am a bit puzzled as to why he didn't share at least a little of his excitement, puzzlement, amusement, etc. at what his wife and the children were reporting. . . . Ron Johnson, in Austin, told me on the MUFON amateur radio net this morning that he had run into similar responses from spouses before and that the husband's response should be mentioned in the report. He encouraged making efforts to document the false pregnancies. Also, he wanted me to remind MUFON members to watch Dateline at 9 p.m. Tuesday, when Dr. John Mach will be interviewed. - Cliff Gieseke, May 21, '94 (From notes I made in 1994; I am no longer a member of MUFON; when I tried to report the incident to the Air Force at Lackland, they told me, to my amusement, to report it to the sheriff's department, which apparently now has the responsibility of protecting our air space -- Cliff Gieseke, San Antonio, TX)


Our gratitude to San Antonio MUFON's Cliff Gieseke for submitting this report. PD

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