Occurred: 2019-10-10 17:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2021-10-25 22:27 Pacific
Duration: 90 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Farragut, TN, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Lights on object

We saw a boat like object speed off towards a very shallow cove and lift up and vanish behind trees. We looked for it and saw nothing.

While on a drive near the concord area my friend and I saw at the end of the road (an old boat ramp of some sort) what looked to be a boat. It had a green light in the front like a boat would have. The road goes straight and then turns so we had a good amount of time to look at it. There was nothing at all unusual about it at all, until it shot to the left at about the speed of a race car accelerating. Not fast for a car but for a boat it was very harsh. It picked up out of the water about 4-6 feet but the underside was still in the water. It went further into the cove behind trees. The road turns right where the “boat” would have gone. By the time we got there, around 10 seconds later, there was no boat, wakes, sound, or lights. The lake had no boats in it further out in the lake so it’s not like it drove off we would have seen it I’m 100% positive of that. Both of us did not really think much about ufo’s or anything before that but even after a few times g! oing back and walking on the shore I have no idea how a boat would have gone that fast towards the direction it went. It’s all rocky and too shallow to get near the rest of the cove. I do not remember if there was sound or not but I remember for some reason the sound of the water when it lifted up incredibly clearly so if there was sound it could not have been loud.

Posted 2021-10-26

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