NUFORC UFO Sighting 164980

Occurred: 2021-10-09 13:23 Local
Reported: 2021-10-17 19:30 Pacific
Duration: 5 Minutes
No of observers: 4

Location: Houston, TX, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

Disc-shaped Metallic UFO photographed at Houston Air Show

While photographing performing airplanes at the Wings Over Houston Airshow at Ellington Airforce Base on Saturday October 9th, my father noticed a single small metallic object at a much higher altitude than the performing aircraft positioned directly overhead. Most of the performing aircraft were at a low altitude usually under 1,000 feet. It was difficult to say how high the object was since there was nothing else around it, but it was extremely high up; at least 12,000 feet if I had to guess, possibly much higher. He pointed it out to myself and two other spectators and we watched the object for about 5 minutes. The object was too far away to make out details, however it was clear it was not an airplane as it seemed to be stationary in the sky. As it was a sunny day with some clouds, the object seemed to be metallic as we could see a clear shine from it in the sun and it appeared to be a rounded. After a few minutes, the object seemed to drift to a diffe! rent point in the sky and then again became stationary. When moving, the object left no sort of trail and didn’t show any evidence of engines or afterburners. My father took a picture of it with his DSLR camera and after five total minutes of observing the object it moved behind some clouds and we lost sight of it. A week later my father and I were reviewing the pictures we took at the airshow and came across the picture he took of the object. Amazingly we were able to zoom in on the object and get a decently detailed picture of it. The picture shows a disc/oval shaped silver object very clearly. Based on what we saw and the picture, there is no way it could have been a helicopter, airplane, or drone. My father is an engineer, and I am an engineering college student. Aircraft have been a hobby of ours all my life and we have never seen anything move or look the way this object did. I’ve seen jetliners, metallic WW2 aircraft, and drones at high altitude and have always been ! able to tell that they are some sort of airplane; this object ! looked n othing like that.

Posted 2021-10-19

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