Occurred: 1968-04-04 16:30 Local
Reported: 2021-08-28 17:28 Pacific
Duration: 15 sesconds

Location: Gainesville, GA, USA

Shape: Disk

In 1968 a UFP communicated with me that Martin Luther KIng would die and he died four and a half hours later.

Preface: I sent my experience to MUFON as well about ten years ago. I do not know if you share databases.

While driving home alone on the Cleveland Highway headed east after an extracurricular event at Gainesville High School, I saw a disc object on the horizon above the trees directly in my line of sight where the Cleveland Highway curved to the left. This was a long time ago, and though the Cleveland Highway still exists, it has changed. In 1968 it was a 2-lane highway with only several businesses, an elementary school, and Riverbend Baptist Church in view. Today I believe it is a 4-lane, but Riverbend Baptist Church is still there. The church was to my left when I noticed the object. The curve was approximately ¼ mile in front of me.

The disc was highly polished silver in color, with no visible seams and no windows. The silver was the more reflective of any object I had ever seen in the air. The disc appeared to be the size of what was a modern commercial jetliner of the time. I cannot be sure of the size, but a jetliner came to mind for some reason. My perspective could be off because I was in shock. The object hovered with no wavering or wobbling. It appeared fixed in space. Terrified and alone, I wanted to stop the car but worried that someone was behind me.

The speed limit at that time was around 35 miles per hour because of the elementary school that was further east on the right. I slowed down once I saw the object and checked my rearview mirror to see if anyone was behind me. The sun was low in the West. The bright glare in the mirror prevented me from seeing anything behind. The sun reflected off the object, but I could still make out the shape. It was a disc that had a slight rise in the middle.

Now here is where my experience seems to differ from others. A message popped into my head. It was not audible. The message was something like, “Martin Luther King will die today,” or “Martin Luther Kind will be killed today.” I do not remember precisely at this point in my life. When I heard that in my head, I became numb, it was as though time stood still. Please understand I was three weeks shy of my 17th birthday. I did keep up with politics and was socially concerned as a teen, but honestly, I had not given MLK much thought at that point in my life. I knew he was a social activist for civil rights. He was in the news often. I admired him, but I was only concerned with my social life in high school and rock and roll music that day. I was listening to WQXI- AM, the rock station out of Atlanta at that time. Once the thought registered, my eyes still on the object, I turned the radio dial hoping to get news. Maybe I had heard it earlier that he was dead, and it just had no! t sunk in—my attempt to find a news station while driving and looking ahead failed. It was at that time, and the object disappeared as though shot from a cannon. There was no noise, no sign it had been there. There had been no noise except my radio. Nothing. This event occurred at about 4:30 pm Eastern time.

I drove home shaken by what I saw and disturbed by what I believed was a random sick thought. Why would I think such a thing? Having parked the car in the drive, I entered the house through the carport door into the kitchen area. My mother was there. She knew something had happened because she asked what was wrong. I asked her if she had heard on her radio or TV anything about MLK. She read more than she kept up with news, but she had heard nothing. I sat down at the kitchen table, I think. I told her what I saw. I told her about the thought. Then I asked her, “Do you believe me?” She said she did, but she was my Mom. What could she say? I dropped it. Still, I went into my room in shock, knowing that I would not tell anyone else. The last thing I needed was to be called crazy, misfit, oddball, demented, delusional. I had no proof. I had cheerleading tryouts, tests, and so many social pressures. Maybe I was crazy.

That evening my father and I watched TV. The incident kept creeping back into my head, but I focused on the TV. I do not recall what we watched, but at about 9 pm, the show was interrupted by a news bulletin from the network. The desk reporter was on a black phone talking and said that MLK had been shot in Memphis at around 7:30 pm Central Time. He was dead. The thought wasn’t mine. It had been placed in me. That was the only explanation. I got up and went to my room. I turned on my radio and listened to the breaking news. I had known. I had known but could have done nothing with the knowledge. I cried.

The next day before I left for school, Mom and I made eye contact. She blinked and nodded. I couldn’t talk about it. I walked out the door and drove to school.

I never mentioned it again until years later when I met my future husband, now ex. When we had young children, we hung out with several other couples with children. I remember sharing my story with one of those couples because they, too, had had an encounter when they were college students in Alabama. I felt safe in sharing. When my kids were in their teens, I told them. They laughed and joked about my being a hippie. I shrugged it off. Why would they believe? I sent my story to MUFON sometime around 2010. Nothing. It is on record. But now that UFPs are acknowledged as something, I am compelled to share with every organization that logs encounters. Many people have seen UFPs. Some believe they were abducted. Only 90% of what I read on the subject is credible, but I know what I know about myself. It’s real. It was in the light of day. I know.

I have no way of knowing whether the object communicated to others that day in the area where I was. I have not read of any stories where witnesses shared they were told of a historical event that came to pass. Maybe some have, but I do not know about them. I have no proof that of the message. But I have carried this with me for many decades. Until 2017 I only recalled the incident on the anniversary of MLK’s death. Otherwise, I pushed it back. Now it is with me every day. I am in the sunset of my life. I am on my last lap. Now you know. Take it for what it is.

Posted 2021-09-07

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