NUFORC Sighting 162553

Occurred: 2021-04-08 00:00 Local
Reported: 2021-04-09 08:23 Pacific
Duration: 40 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams

Silent, low-flying circular aircraft with green beams of light directed at two different people minutes apart, from different angles.

At approximately midnight, on Thursday, April 8th, 2021, my fiance alerted me to something occurring outside. What I saw was similar to something I have seen decades ago but what occured was unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life.

Approximately 1,000 feet above us, was a silent aircraft with lights colored white, green and red, flashing in a circular motion.

I remained outside, watching the aircraft approach, while my fiance went inside to get his cell phone.

As the craft approached me overhead from the West, I was approximately 4 feet away from my doorway, on the sidewalk area of an "L" shaped apartment building, looking up.

Suddenly two green beams of light emerged from the aircraft and the same color but much less dense filled the space in between. The distance of the two light beams widened as they approached me, forming somewhat of a triangle, the base of which was sweeping the ground directly in front of me and towards me, nearly enveloping me.

I stepped backwards as it and the lights approached. I felt I was its target, being directly in the center of its two beams and field of light which continued to approach me, quickly.

My door was still opened. As I backed up, I grabbed my door in fear, yelled to my fiance, stepped inside & closed the door. I half jokingly told my fiance I almost got swept up by aliens and he told me that was what happened to him before he came to get me, only the aircraft was traveling East to West when it happened to him, while he was standing at the far edge of our property, approximately 70 feet away from our door.

So, the aircraft traveled East to West, 'scoped' my fiance, then traveled West to East towards me and did the same.

Together we exited our apartment shortly thereafter and watched the aircraft travel farther East, still fairly low to the ground and silent, but without beams emitting from it. Only the red, green and white lights continued to flash, as we watched it travel farther away. He took pictures at this time, as well as immediately after it 'swept' me.

I ran back inside to get my phone and car keys. I took video at this time but it was rather far away. We decided to try to get closer to it by using our vehicle.

The aircraft began to fly South as we began to drive East. We pulled into a sidestreet and I attempted to take video of the aircraft again.

It remained silent, without emitting beams and continued to fly South, farther away.

When we arrived back to our parking lot, I searched online who to call for a ufo report. I called the number and the gentlemen suggested I & my fiance write separate reports and submit them.

It is now 2:29am, April 9th and I am still shaken up a bit, wondering if anyone else has experienced this or saw what took place just a few hours ago.

Posted 2021-04-23

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