Occurred: 1991-06-30 21:00 Local
Reported: 2021-03-28 07:19 Pacific
Duration: 20-30 seconds
No of observers: 5

Location: Orasje (Bosnia), , Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object

Close Encounter (CE1) with a silvery, disc-shaped craft/object with various lights underneath

The exact date and time of the encounter is not known because the event was not documented by me. I was a child at the time of the occurrence of the event (approx. 9 years old). Contact with other witnesses was permanently lost following relocation to due to circumstances of the subsequent outbreak of an armed conflict in that region.

What is more or less well known is time of the day of the event (evening, it was dark), season (spring/summer), and the approximate number of witnesses (5-7, possibly more). What is definitely known is the geographical location of the encounter, which, expressed through geographic coordinates, is: 45°02'16.2"N 18°41'37.5"E.

Main witnesses were children (including me), many of them my friends and peers, and several adults (at least one adult person) that happened to be there at the moment of the encounter.

Note: the account of the event is based on my subjective, yet very vivid memory and the experience of the encounter with the strange object. Until this day I seem to be the only witness that has openly given account of this apparently forgotten and (insufficiently) documented case of the CE1 (in the area of former Yugoslavia).

The Encounter: I was hanging out with my friends and peers in the evening and playing with them on the promenade, which is adjacent to the river Sava. At one moment, someone from my group spotted something at treetop level slowly approaching from the direction of West and drew our attention to it. I looked at it from an approximate distance of 20-30 meters (65-100 ft.) and saw it clearly moving towards us along the promenade (at treetop level). It was a disc-shaped, oval object, silvery in appearance. I was looking at the object while it was slowly and noiselessly approaching us.

Looking directly, i.e. frontally, at it, I can't remember whether there were any windows in front of it. My memory is somewhat foggy concerning that detail. If trying hard to remember, there seems to be a fraction of memory of trying to look at the "windows" and trying to see whether there are any "occupants" inside, but I cannot confirm that with certainty; for some reason that detail remains foggy, and it cannot be entirely ruled out that somehow that detail was subconsciously "added" as a "false memory" (such details could possibly be more vividly called into memory by hypnotic regression).

What definitely remains certain is the shape and and overall appearance of the object/craft. As it came closer, slowly flying directly over us/me, I could discern more details. It was a perfectly oval craft, a disc (disc-shaped), silvery in color (metallic), size of a smaller car (e.g. Mini Cooper). It had various lights, according to my memory those were rainbow-colors (yellow, red, blue, green, orange), that were constantly blinking in circular pattern. The craft/object was completely noiseless. There was no sound coming from it, there were no physical effects, at least no noticeable effects. As it flew slowly over our heads at a treetop level, several meters above our heads, flying over our heads and practically directly over me, I was looking at it in utter amazement! I couldn't believe my eyes, nor could others. I recall wondering what that thing was. To me, it looked like a large toy, that may be a good way to describe it, and it was surreal.

The whole event/encounter lasted ca. 20-30 seconds, possibly somewhat longer. My subjective experience is that the event/encounter lasted less than a minute. The object/craft did not stop and/or hover. It was a slow "flyby". The object/UFO was moving from West to East. It seemed either to not care that we were there or it intentionally flew directly over us (I believe it is the latter).

Physical description of the object/craft/UFO: Shape: oval / disc / saucer-shaped Color: metallic / silvery / stainless steel Size: approx. 3-4 m in length (ca. 12 feet) Lights underneath the craft: yes Type of lights underneath the craft: rainbow colors; in circular pattern Sound (emitted by the craft): no Other details: unknown whether there were any windows or similar openings; unknown whether the craft was domed Effects on the immediate surrounding: Physical/EM effects: no (not noticeable) Traces left by the craft: no (none were found) Based on my experience and all information available, this encounter, according to Hynek's scale, can be categorized as CE1 (Close Encounter of the First Kind).

The question of occupants possibly being spotted/seen within the craft by me or any of the other witnesses remains open and would have to be either confirmed by delving deeper into the possibly subconsciously buried memory of it and/or finding other witnesses to corroborate that significant detail. If that were to be the case, this encounter would have to be re-categorized as CE3.

Posted 2021-03-31

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