Occurred: 1980-01-15 11:15 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2021-02-24 21:29 Pacific
Duration: All Night
No of observers: 1

Location: Winchester, IL, USA

Shape: Cylinder
Characteristics: Lights on object

Object with red lights appeared nightly outside my upstairs bedroom window through the tree branches as if it wanted to communicate.

In 1978 my parents moved to Winchester, Illinois which is a rural town of about 3000 people and it is surrounded by farmland on all sides.

In December 1979, I came home from my Alma Mater because I had finished getting my degree early and would graduate in May 1980.

The house was two stories and on the very edge of town. It was a nice piece of property though we did not live there after November 1980 because we moved back to Jacksonville so my Dad could near his Physician as he had a severe heart condition.

In January 1980, I was upstairs in my room one afternoon and I was rearranging my bedroom furniture.

This is an important point because if I had not moved my bed against the north wall like I did I would never have known about or seen this unidentified object that night as I sat on my bed writing a letter to a college friend. I happened to look out the window and I thought I saw something. I turned off all the lights and went directly to this window and through the tree branches was an object with red lights on it and it moved to where it was directly across from me but on the other side of the bare tree branches. It was January so of course there weren’t any leaves or vegetation on this tree. I was totally floored. It moved and had red lights. It was NOT a weather balloon. I know what weather balloons look like and this was small and from what I could tell the shape was kind of a cylinder possibly. Anyway, if I moved, it would move. What really bothered me was that it was there all night every night. I first noticed it about mid-January 1980 and no matter what it was there! every night. No, I didn’t tell Dad because of his heart condition and my Mom had just lost her own Mother to cancer and she was also working on her Master’s Degree at the time but something else stopped me from saying anything to anyone until now: Would anyone have believed me? Frankly, I have always thought that it was some kind of a camera. I kidd you not. Since it was on our property, it was NOT a telephone pole with lights, for example. And besides, this thing moved as if by remote control and it was ALWAYS THERE. I do not drink or smoke and did not drink or smoke in college because I’m allergic to various kinds of alcohol and I never picked up smoking because of what it had done to Dad. Therefore, I was not “seeing things”. Does anyone have any kind of idea why it was keeping tabs on me like that because that is what it seemed like? In fact, it could have been tracking me possibly during the daytime as well and I had no idea it was doing this.

I did go outside in broad daylight a few times and looked on the other side of this tree up in the branches but saw nothing. It showed up at night just as it was getting dark. It scared me to death because I fail to see what could be so interesting, but if it was indeed an Alien operated remote controlled camera of some sort it would not surprise me to have my hunch confirmed because Elon Musk recently said that they are studying us and are subtle.

I would welcome any learned thoughts on this nightly occurrence outside my bedroom window.

Gee, I hope no one laughs at me.

Thank You.

Posted 2021-03-02

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