NUFORC Sighting 160489

Occurred: 2020-11-08 18:05 Local
Reported: 2020-11-08 22:09 Pacific
Duration: 10
No of observers: 1

Location: Kalamazoo, MI, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object

Strange Orange/Yellow Lights Sequential Aircraft North East Kalamazoo

1. I turned south on Sprinkle road at E. H Ave. While driving south of E. H Ave. I noticed several aircraft, ( more than 3 less than 10) 5-8? These aircraft had orange/yellow “landing lights?” Oriented East to West or Southeast to Northwest.

The aircraft were spaced and sequenced uniformly some distance apart but uniform in appearance.

2. My original thought was that Chicago MDW or ORD was backed up with arrivals and something out of the ordinary was happening with air traffic flows. This was definitely not a normal aircraft operation for this area. A scene to expect on a busy arrival time into a major airport but usually would not expect such traffic on a Sunday evening/night in the AZO area.

3. As I drove South on Sprinkle Rd, the aircraft seemed lower and closer than first perceived. Too low to be traveling to MDW/ORD/GRR, and maybe too high and too many to be landing at AZO. Again, not a normal aircraft operation.

4. As I was driving south on Sprinkle I could not discern if the aircraft were actually moving. I was moving and had no stable reference to tell if the aircrafts were actually traveling, but I did assume so.

5. The orange/yellow “landing lights” were dominant. I believe I saw strobe/blinking white lights but was unsure if I saw green or red nav lights. The orange/yellow “landing lights” were about the same color as the street lamps, which seem a bit off knowing that most aircraft have a more white/yellow appearance. The weather was clear VFR, scattering of light etc would not be a factor in my opinion.

6. I was curious and this was strange enough that I decided to turn around to get a better view and understand what kind of aircraft they were. I turned right (West) on E. Main St. and then turned around, Turned left (North/Northwest) again on Sprinkle.

7. Traveling North on Sprinkle Rd, I did not see the original 5-8 aircraft again, assuming that they moved out of line of sight. I did see one aircraft of the same type description to the East of me and above me, as I traveled North. I would estimate between 5-7 miles away? Not exactly sure. However my view was hindered and I lost sight of the aircraft.

8. I decided to make a U-turn on Sprinkle Rd. There was no other vehicle traffic at that moment. I turned around to head South again on Sprinkle Rd. I quickly acquired the aircraft to the east visually, and I pulled off to the right on the shoulder. Facing South on Sprinkle Rd. I had my headlights on and turned my emergency flashers on as there was now a line of Southbound vehicle traffic.

9. I rolled down my driver-side window to listen for helicopter blades or maybe UAV blades/ noise. The aircraft did not appear to be moving at any significant rate across the ground. The Southbound vehicle traffic obscured sounds. I did not hear or perceive any aircraft noise. I observed the aircraft for perhaps 1-2 mins.

10. After 1-2 mins the aircraft lights were turned off and completely disappeared. I did not see the aircraft turn away, there were no position lights, I did not see or hear any aircraft.

11. I waited and observed the area of the sky for a couple more minutes, thinking that the aircraft may turn its lights back on.

12. As I was watching the area, I noticed a small black motion blur quite close just to the east of and across Sprinkle Rd. Perhaps 50-100 yards east of Sprinkle Rd. There was a tree line. At first I thought it was just a misperception, but as I kept looking in that direction, I noticed a parachute .

13. This observation was at my 9 oclock, position or nearly 90 degrees from my driver-side window.

14. The parachute was not a steerable type, It was a round ‘drifter’ type. It also appeared to be too small to support a human jump. Something that supported a small payload. I did not see the payload 15. At that time I was confused and scared. Seeing a small parachute falling when and where it did, just did not compute for me. I had no idea what it was carrying etc.

16. I decided to quickly get the heck out of there and continued to drive South on Sprinkle with no further observations of aircraft or other aircraft or anomalies.

Although a strange encounter, It is very likely that this was some sort of explainable event. Perhaps the military or National Guard etc, were performing maneuvers? I find it likely that the aircraft were perhaps helicopters. I do know that these aircraft were not like any police or search helicopters with search lights, I have witnessed those aircraft before and this bears no resemblance. I just want to put this event on record to perhaps be investigated and explained. I am a professional pilot with vast experience in aviation. I have no agenda, I am by nature a skeptic, and if I were to guess this is an explainable event but thought it out of the ordinary. But, by definition, it was a Un-identified Flying Objects event for me. Thank-you for reading and taking this report into account.

Posted 2020-12-23

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