NUFORC UFO Sighting 159826

Occurred: 2020-10-07 19:21 Local
Reported: 2020-10-07 19:32 Pacific
Duration: At least 1 hour
No of observers: 2

Location: Belchertown, MA, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby

Bright opal/diamond color shifting lights near Quabbin reservoir

I was traveling east with my fiance on Bay Rd. in Hadley MA around 7:20 (right before Atkins) when I first noticed a single low, bright, color shifting object just above the tree line. I had seen lights exactly like this before several times, all near or above water sources (see my previous post from January 2019 of seeing a diamond shaped craft hovering low over the Connecticut River while traveling home from work in Northampton/Holyoke on rt. 5). For this particular sighting, initially I only saw 1 light. It was definitely not a plane, helicopter, or drone as the light pattern was a rapidly changing almost opal or diamond like random color pattern, not a standard FAA color scheme or pattern that planes and helicopters have. I asked my fiance who was driving at the time if he saw it too and he confirmed that he did. It was not moving in the sky and remained stationary as we headed into Belchertown continuing on Bay Rd. and turned off on our street shortly b! efore Bay Rd. merges onto rt 9. When we got to our home, we could still clearly see the same light from our front yard. It had not moved. We went inside and about an hour later came out again and it was in the same spot. I noticed now that it looked like there was a small helicopter flying near it, like it was observing the strange light from a close distance. It was a much smaller, much dimmer flashing white light next to it. We watched this for another couple of minutes and the strange light began to go from bright, almost sparkling like color shifts to pure blackout (this could have been due to some clouds). It appeared to be right over Quabbin reservoir near the Belchertown/Pelham line which is a few miles from our house. After watching it for a few more minutes, it made a pretty sudden and small shift in direction, looking like it was headed towards us (headed west) in the sky. We could tell it was moving towards us because it got slightly larger in size and brightness! very fast. Once it appeared to have stopped moving, we headed! out bac k (traveling west) towards Bay Rd. to get some food on rt 9 when I looked up and saw that there were actually several of these lights lining what appeared to be the outline of the lower portion of the Quabbin reservoir along rt 9 heading into Ware. I counted about 4 or 5 that were low and close enough that I could see them clearly before we had to turn onto Bay Rd. and they would be completely behind us from the car. The lights seemed to be in a type of line or formation or like I said, lining the reservoirs edge or at least the lower portion of the water from my vantage point.

I had only seen these kinds of lights in a diamond shape per my previous sighting so to see them individually spread out like that was the only difference from my first sighting. The lights/crafts were far enough apart that it couldn't have been 1 craft but rather a series of possible sentinels or smaller crafts hovering over different points along the water. As we headed toward rt 9 via Bay Rd, I noticed another single light like the ones we just saw but it was over the Northampton/Hatfield area. It was also pulsating at a fast rate several different brilliant colors and was also low in the sky. It was the same type of light/craft but by itself, possibly over the Connecticut River. I am not sure why every time I see these lights they are hovering over or traveling along a river or other waterway, but I can't deny what I saw. After seeing the same type of light multiple times, this time having my fiance also see them and confirm what I was seeing/what I said I had seen befor! e, it made me feel like I wasn't crazy and legitimized my/our experience. We are moving to Belchertown shortly and even though this wasn't the first time, I suspect it won't be the last time I see some unexplainable things in the night sky near Quabbin.

Posted 2020-12-23

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