NUFORC Sighting 159221

Occurred: 2020-09-02 22:30 Local
Reported: 2020-09-07 12:10 Pacific
Duration: 30 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Mooresville, IN, USA

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby

On the night of September 2nd 2020 around 10:30pm my boyfriend and I were sitting on our front porch smoking a cigarette. We were facing east and I had a view of a clearing between a horizon of trees. The weather was clear skys and comfortable.

I saw a yellow/orange orb in the clearing, off in the distance, traveling south to north. It did not seem to be moving very fast horizontally (about the speed of a plane) but it was zig-zagging vertically fairly fast. Almost like it was bobbing back and forth. It also seemed to get brighter and dimmer as it moved. I stared at it for a few seconds and then told my boyfriend to come and look.

I walked into the front yard to get a better look and by the time he got to were he could see it, it was gone. Approximately 10-15 seconds total to cross the clearing and go behind more trees. I told him what I saw and he joked with me that I was making it up.

We went back and sat down on the porch for a few minutes before I saw another yellow/orange orb following the same path as the previous one. This one was a bit smaller, about half the size as the first. This one did not seem to be zig-zagging but was slowly flashing like the first one. Also, it was traveling in more of a slight arc, or uphill angle than a straight line. I went back into the yard and my boyfriend quickly followed.

Just as I looked back into the sky there was a 3rd yellow/orange orb of light with the same characteristics as the 2nd one. It was following the 2nd one but was traveling lower. These 2 were moving just slightly faster than the 1st one and were not as bright.

We went back and sat on the porch and talked about what we saw. Not long after that we started noticing there was a lot of air traffic above us. We live near an airport so it's not unusual to hear and see planes but they typically follow the same path each time, just a hair west of our home.

We saw planes in every direction for probably 20 minutes, including a couple helicopters. The first 5 minutes it was like they were coming and going from all directions. It almost seemed dangerous. We saw at least 10 planes in that 5 minutes. Then we could tell a few of them started just going in circles/ovals. There was one to the south that seemed to be moving fast and in tight ovals. It looked like a plane but I'm not sure if a commercial plane could turn that fast. It could have been a helicopter.

After the initial 5 minutes of chaos there was a loud roaring that sounded like it was right over our house. It was louder than any plane we've ever heard go past in the 6 years we've been here. It sounded exactly how you would think a flying saucer would sound when its hovering over you and about to abduct you! You could feel a vibration in the air and in your body. It lasted around 5 seconds. I ran out in front of the house as soon as it stopped and saw a normal looking plane following the normal path to the airport. It was just very odd.

Everything just died down after that and there was no air traffic.

Posted 2020-11-05

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