NUFORC UFO Sighting 159189

Occurred: 2020-09-05 04:57 Local
Reported: 2020-09-05 09:33 Pacific
Duration: 5 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Barrington, NH, USA

Shape: Unknown

I am a Geography teacher, former registered nurse. I've seen some strange lights in the sky a few times, not satellites. This was just like the first time I saw a strange light in the sky 30 years ago. Earlier in the evening maybe 02:30, saw a bright light, not as bright as venus is now, but brighter than all the stars moving slowly upwards from just below and to the west of the north star. It moved slowly, about satellite speed, for only 1-2 seconds while getting much dimmer and dissapeared.

At 04:57 a little further west of the north star, slightly below it, I think it came out from behind the tree top, nearly as bright as venus, faster than a satellite, at least twice as fast moving almost due east. For only about 1-2 seconds it was bright, then it got dim, like a satellite and seemed to speed up. At least twice as fast as a passenger jet. If it was a jet fighter, it would have been not far away for that kind of speed, and loud. There was no sou! nd. Got very dim/disappeared near the north east tree tops. Total of 4-5 seconds. I'm not sure if it accelerated from the very bright to the very dim, or if it was all just very fast. Seemed like it might have accelerated. It was really cool. Decided to have a second cigarette and see if another showed up. Sure enough, 05:03, same spot below and west of polaris, same brightness and speed and direction, but after that one went dim, I couldn't see it any longer. No sound again.

I have been noticing for a few years now, maybe a dozen or so times, I'll be watching the sky and see a bright white flash, a little less bright than venus right now, but nearly as bright, not a fire-fly. A couple of times a small rapidly fading outward type of movement before vanishing.

Posted 2020-11-05

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