NUFORC UFO Sighting 159187

Occurred: 2019-06-12 09:57 Local
Reported: 2020-09-05 14:04 Pacific
Duration: 20 seconds

Location: Uniontown, WA, USA

Shape: Disk

Subject: UFO Sighting Date: June 12, 2019 Time: 9:57 AM Location: Whitman County, Washington, USA Coordinates: 46°31'50.291" N 117°5'7.169" W (nearby) I was enjoying a visit to eastern Washington State to see the sweeping patterns of wheat harvest in the farmland, June 2019. I pulled off highway 195 just south of Uniontown to look at beautiful cloud formations, some of the cloud formations were dramatic others visually unusual. Looking west at the clouds, a small area of them were opening up and separated enough to reveal a portion of a UFO floating in the sky.

The visible portion of the UFO seemed to represent the classical disk/saucer shape with highly reflective body surfaces. The bonus for me was that I had not seen other descriptions identifying a triangular structure along the top edge of the craft. The triangular structure ran from a point high on the fuselage, its vertex, to the full outside edge circumference of the craft where its height above the center of the craft appeared to match the height of the point where it merged with the fuselage. It looked like the outside surface of the triangular structure was made of the purest of gold, highly reflective with a bright golden color. The pattern on the golden structure consisted of square panels that each appeared to be slightly concave. Each panel appeared to have engraved patterns something like hieroglyphics distributed around the outer 2/3 of each panel. The golden structure appeared to be a hollow port of some kind based on the end facing me that showed a darkening interior further back from the close end “opening” of that structure. No heat waves were visible from the port or any surface on the ship.

I could not see the entire ship but if it was a disk I estimate its diameter to be 200 feet or more. I estimate the ship was sitting at an elevation between 600 and 900 feet above ground. The ship stood rock solid at a constant elevation and did not move laterally in any direction. There wasn’t the slightest noise or sound of any kind coming from its direction.

I became worried that I might be detected by the ship, a situation that could end badly for me if they didn’t want to be seen. I decided not to point my camera in its direction. Instead I began photographing a barn about 45 degrees north of the ship location. When I looked back the ship was gone, the cloud opening was mostly there but not the ship.

Since the sighting I have been looking for reports of similar ships but I have not seen anything like it. So I prepared this report and two sketches of the UFO to share and learn if anyone else has seen a ship like the one I saw. I made one drawing of the structure to be as detailed as possible and used it in the second sketch with clouds. The second drawing shows the segment of the ship I saw through the opening in the clouds. I apologize in advance for line work flaws. I am a photo editor not an artist.

Posted 2020-11-05

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