NUFORC Sighting 157358

Occurred: 2020-07-04 23:30 Local
Reported: 2020-07-05 22:07 Pacific
Duration: ~3 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Chicato, IL, USA

Shape: Formation

Redish/Orange orbes with phone camera footage in Chicago from a rooftop during 4th of July.

Me, My wife and a neighbor were watching fireworks around the city from the rooftop of our building, and among the fireworks exploding, we spotted 3 objects that were definitely not part of the of the light show directly west of our building. What got my attention initially was 3 red/orange objects hovering above the city at a distance in the formation of an equilateral triangle. These glowing objects seemed out of place from all the flashing lights coming from fireworks displays because they were not moving. By the time my wife and I got out our cell phones to record them, two of the lights had disappeared (Top and right) and the one that remained (Bottom and left) stayed visible. We both were able to get footage of that one. The remaining object didn't appear to be moving in any direction only hovering. Our footage shows the glowing object hovering for a minute or 2 and then just fades away. Being on the north side of Chicago we've seen more than around 30! airplanes or helicopters a day going in or out of O'hare International for years, and these definitely did not match movement or light patterns consistent with either one of those.

There was no physical interaction as the objects seemed to be far enough away to be hovering over either Lincolnwood, IL or further west near Rosemont IL. It was hard to tell how far they were as I couldn't determine the size of them.

The other strange thing that me and my wife agreed on was that it seemed to be intentional to us. As if it was a personal show to just us. That's probably not relevant, or true, but it was a very strong feeling. So much so that I want to include that detail. I am a fraud analyst and have a very skeptical nature, but this was something that I cannot explain.

I'm sending 2 videos, one that my wife took right next to me, and the one I took. My video is a little more shaky but her's is a quite a bit more stable. My neighbor didn't take any footage because her phone was not around at the time. I will include the video and a screenshot of google maps to show where we THINK the objects were.

Thank you for your time.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Posted 2020-07-09

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