NUFORC UFO Sighting 157356

Occurred: 2020-07-05 20:00 Local
Reported: 2020-07-05 22:26 Pacific
Duration: 3 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Vienna, IL, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Triangular shape black craft with no visible windows or propulsion system, no landing gear solid red lights very close encounter

I am doing this on my phone due to camping it is difficult, please forgive mistakes,this event just happened today. We are camping in shawnee national forest area and this event happened during daylight before dusk and it was not dark at all. 2 things for certain it was not a plane or a drone and if it did not teleport it was faster than the speed of light. We just got back to the camp sight and stoked the fire up to prepare for the evening campfire and s'mores with the kiddos, my brother in law was helping his daughter ride a bike about 20 yards away beside the front door of the rv. I had just sat down by the camp fire and heard/felt a strange noise like a humming or vibration and it felt like a parrot on my shoulder, as I looked around I could feel and hear the movement/vibration but not like a wind I knew it was there and moving as I tried to catch it with my eye it was like a connection with the craft ( I am not saying I was or feel like I was being abdu! cted). This happened for maybe 10 seconds then I noticed the noise/feeling was gone which was very intense, as I was trying to understand this noise as an engineer aircraft came to mind immediately. I look up and see a black object above the rv high in the sky, no lights were visible way up in the sky and it did not look right as far as flight patterns or craft shape (black triangle moving in all directions at high speed). Then it was just like teleportation and maybe 20 yards directly above my brother in law from the top of the earth in less than 1 second. I yelled at him to look up and immediately he looked up, his daughter did too. The craft went straight to the side instantly maybe 60 to 70 yards away from us and 20 yards above the trees, then it shot straight up in the sky barley in sight then straight back down and came to a complete stop instantly 20 yards above the trees (same location), the lights were visible at this point, it was like we were at a standoff with t! he craft. Take note the travel was frequent but it was as if i! t wanted us to see it in detail. The craft was a black triangle from my chair I seen 2 red lights in the back end (I refer to the back end as 2 visible points of the triangular craft)the lights did not flash and from his angle 20 yards away from me west he said he seen 4 red lights total and little flashing white lights like a glitter dead center bottom of craft( I did not see the white lights/glitter personally) I will add with my knowledge I'm looking for the propulsion system and noticing the lights while looking for it, maybe I missed the other details he seen, this happened fast. We both had full views but from different angles, his 7 year old daughter was watching too but regardless we could all see a black triangle with solid non flashing red lights and no engines or wings, it did not spin, no visible entrance, no visible windows, no visual distortion or noise at take off, no intelligent life, no landing gear no weapons, no chem or gas trails in any direction but it was cert! ainly being controlled by intelligent energy of some type. We were able to examine the craft for about maybe 10 seconds close up as it hovered silent above the trees as if setting on an invisible concrete slab. I am certain this craft had me under surveillance until I realized it was present initially I could feel it examine me, although I could not see it I could feel it and was looking for it, it had to be right above me within 20 yards and directly to the east, behind me . I was startled and the craft seemed curious after 1st visual contact I felt like it always knew my next move. I felt it was certainly showing off its capabilities and it was uncomfortable for me personally but interesting at the same time I did not feel threatened by the object at anytime but disturbed about the situation when I realized beyond a reasonable doubt this craft was certainly not from this planet. It then went left, right, up, down instantly at great distance and stopped directly by us abov! e the tree again and sat for 1 second then straight up in the ! sky and it stopped at the top of the earth then just was gone. The craft had no detail to describe, no writing or anything other than the solid red lights the triangle craft appeared to look like a slice of cheesecake, flat top, flat bottom it had depth as far as people could fit in it but nobody could be seen, no windows visible. If there were windows we could have seen them and the corners of the craft appeared to have a radius. I am big on American freedom and am against surveillance against the people for no reason, this was not the government and aliens did not build the pyramids nor could any other government have something like this, hands down this was most certainly from another extremely advanced civilization not from our planet no doubt. I thought before this event it's almost common sense that there is other life in the universe but never thought I would encounter it. I am just glad I had witnesses that seen it with me (although we already agreed not to discussit aside o! f with eachother). I do want to add no drugs or alcohol were involved we just returned from the beach with kids and we don't even drink. I hope you take this serious I know I will from now on but something has taken interest in our planet I have no doubt. My rv is 35 foot long and the craft was much larger than my rv bus in length and size. I would say the best approximate description I can give it each side of the triangle may be 50 feet And approximately 12 to 15 feet tall and at no time did we see a shadow and we should have seen a shadow consume this area I want to be very clear that there should have been a visible shadow, there's not as if physically it did not exsist but the craft was not translucent illuminated from the lighting. We all plan to remain anonymous but want to report it so I hope somebody that reads this can use the data.

Posted 2020-07-09

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