Occurred: 2001-01-01 19:00 Local
Reported: 2001-01-01 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 3 1/2 hours
No of observers: 3

Location: North Whitefield, ME, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby

I have seen this craft for years and would like to know what it is please.

Actually, I found this site while searching the internet for photos to try to identify what I have seen. And to be honest, it's the first time that I've actually come to "grips" with what I've seen and decided to try to get to the bottom of it. My sightings have been numerous the past six years but this is the first time I have seen them early enough in the evening to get my husband and my son to look also. You may think I'm nuts (I know I did until I had witnesses to it) and I hope that you don't have a text limit to this report because I have quite a lot to tell. Although I'm reporting a sighting of four craft tonight, January 1, 2001, I'd like to begin by telling you about the first time I saw this craft and the events thereafter. It was about 6 years ago and I woke at about 3:15 AM. From where I was sleeping, I could see out the window that faces to the east. I saw what first appeared to be a twinkling star in the distance over the treetops but I noticed that it had colored lights and it was moving incredibly fast. So I closed my eyes and opened them again and tried to focus on it, thinking I was seeing things. It went zipping around the sky, up and down, left and right, like nothing I'd ever seen. So I got out of bed and went to the window and watched it. I kept blinking my eyes, thinking I can't be really seeing this...but I was. And then it zipped off out of sight. A few months later, I was cleaning out a mobile home on our property that had belonged to the original owners (an elderly couple) of our house and they used it for a summer home for years while they lived in California. I found a box of photos and in it was a VERY CLEAR picture from 1967 of a "flying saucer" over the same treetops that I had seen this flying object, only it was taken in broad daylight. I showed it to my husband and said it sure looked like a UFO and that I had seen one in the night some months ago. Anyways, I mailed that packet of photos to the owners in California and they have since passed away. I am going to contac! t her so n to see if I can retrieve that one photo. Since that time, I have seen these same lights in the sky on many occasions and always in the same place. I live in Maine and about 30 miles from Brunswick NAS so I've always kind of hoped what I'm seeing is just some kind of military secret and not something extra-terrestrial. Here's the real kicker though. This past summer, I was sitting at the picnic table in the backyard talking with my husband. The day was overcast with cumulus type clouds...not really low in the sky but not terribly high either. I remember they were gray looking and seemed to promise a storm. While we were talking I saw a triangular craft with four very large "balls" of light on it appear briefly just below a cloud and then disappear back into it. I said to my husband, "What the hell was that?" He didn't see it as he was facing me but recalls me mentioning it to him. That's always bothered me what it was. And while looking around the internet tonight for what the heck it is I've been seeing out there to the east, I happened to come onto a picture of what I saw in the western sky. It was the same triangular craft with the four lights that I've found on a number of sites like the sighting in Belgium in the late 1980s. Well, that's pretty scary! I freaked out and made my husband come look at the photo. I wanted to pass that one up as some kind of military craft too but it was just so huge and now I've seen a photo of it seen by someone else on the other side of the world! Sheesh! But again, I live close to a Naval Air Station and was raised a "Navy Brat" and I just suspected it was classified military stuff even though it sure seemed strange at the time. Been around airplanes all my life. Sorry for rambling here but there is just so much to tell that I have kept locked up for the past 6 years. Anyways....I have seen the "craft" I saw tonight on many occasions and more in the last year than in the prior 6 years. It stays pretty much stationery and always appears in the same place in the sky no! matter what time of year. Call me silly but I've always thought that if I watched it too closely, it might start watching me. That's kind of the way that it acted the first time I saw it 6 years ago. So, when I've seen it, I just kind of tried to put it out of my mind and pretend it wasn't there. Okay, here comes the part when you will think that I am totally crazy but I need to tell you this so you will understand why I made a real effort to try to see more of this sighting tonight. Last Summer, it was about midnight, and I was up late reading in the livingroom. My husband was in bed and I heard a car drive up, slow down and pull into my driveway. My first thought was "Who the heck is coming here this time of night?" We live in the country, we never go anywhere and we rarely have visitors at night, especially late. So...I got up and went to the front door and looked out and it was MY car that had pulled into the driveway and it was still running! Okay, okay, I know you think I'm either nuts or making this up but my husband will tell you that it happened. He woke when he heard the car pull in and thought the same thing I did...who could be coming here? And I called my parents in Florida a few days later and told them of this. They can tell you it happened. This could be related or not related but I have to add it into this report since it is a real mystery that we can't solve. Anyways, right after that, I started seeing this craft in the sky more frequently and tonight it started with the usual one in the usual place. I decided to become brave and try to take a closer look at it. It was quite a ways off..as the crow flies the coast is probably 15 miles from us to the east...and it seems to sit near there...quite a ways in the distance. I first spotted it at 7:00 PM tonight when I took the dog out. It always seems like a twinkling star but I see the colored lights on it. I went in and asked my husband where his binoculars were. He said, "Why do you want them?" I said I'm going to look at a UFO that has been bugg! ing me f or years. I wish I had a telescope because that thing sat there for 3 1/2 hours without moving much. It moved three times...all three times that it did move was when an airplane entered the airway between where I am and it was. Each time, the craft blinked red and green lights more frequently (more like a plane's lights will) as the airplane would near the area of space it was in, and it would move horizontally and a bit vertically. When the airplane passed, it stopped and remained stationery until the next plane came along. About 75 minutes after I spotted this first craft, a second one appeared. I watched it approach from the north and take up a position above and to the left of where the original craft sat. About that time, I told my husband there were two of them out there now. He started to take me serious and went out with the binoculars to look and agrees that he's never seen anything like it. About an hour later, two more showed up, each taking a position to the left and north of the previous. But I just checked outside and can only see the original, still there but has moved a bit north. The others are no longer visible. So there you have it. I'm glad I have finally told someone about this...it's been bugging me for years. I would love to receive a rational explanation for all this. I don't know if you respond to these reports, but I would appreciate hearing from you and if you have had similar reports and if you know what this is.

Posted 2001-01-03

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