Occurred: 1982-07-15 20:30:00 Local
Location: West Carson, CA, USA
Shape: Changing
Duration: 5 minutes
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2020-05-26 03:09:28 Pacific
Posted: 2020-06-25 00:00:00

Cone shaped object of glass like spheres, changed shape to a V.

We were driving north around sunset between 8pm and 9pm. Im guessing the time we were not sure, the sun sets between those hours in the summer.

Summer of 82. Mostly warehouses and commercial property. Clear sky, no other traffic at the time. To our immediate left, (west) was a flower nursery. My friend from the drivers side of his van, looking to the west said "what the hell is that? He said something was rising from the field.

He pulled the van over and said it is passing over the rear of the van.

I stuck my head out the passenger window, looking to my right and to the rear approximately 15ft to 20 ft back and around 25 ft in the air was an object. Approximately 8 to 10 ft in height. It was in the shape of a cone or a upside down xmas tree. At the widest part the top of the cone was around 6 to 7 ft diameter, the small end or bottom was 1 to 2 ft in diameter.

The cone was made up of round glass like spheres, a little more than the size of a basketball. There was no structure or frame holding the spheres together that we saw. 1 sphere at the bottom and multiplies as you go up the cone. Inside the spheres was it seemed to us, was a white hot fire or energy, but it was constant white, not like a flickering fire and white. The object stayed in one position and did not move or make any noise, it was motionless. There was no smoke or hum. There are electrical and phones lines, object was about 15 ft away from the lines. There was no breeze. It was also not far from a street light so we saw it very clearly.

There was no reaction from the electrical lines or street light.

After a short time it changed shape to a V. We did not see a transformation, or noise, it was just a V. Not clear at what point this happened, either before it changed shape or after, we saw what appeared to be fire dropping from the object, not much of it but like if burning plastic fell from it, and it was more like normal fire burning. I would say less than a half of a cup of the burning liquid.

It was still motionless and It remained for less that a minute I guess, and then it was gone. It simply disappeared. There was no sound, or whoosh, or trace of light or noise. It vainshed without a trace of it ever being there.

It was there, than it was not. Same as the shape change. it was a cone, then it was a V shape.

I don’t know what the object was and we never reported it to anyone. I am guessing that for that object to vanish like it did would likely to me anyway, have something to do with time. If there was some kind of propulsion, we never saw or heard it, and there was no remnants, no smell. The total time from it coming up from he field to vanishing is a little hard to determine. It seems to happen within a 2 or 3 minute span, but were just a little lost on that. I thought we watched it a little longer. The time of it all is a little fuzzy.

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