Occurred: 2020-01-09 23:30:00 Local
Location: Sherman, TX, USA
Shape: Cross
Duration: 5 minutes
Reported: 2020-02-09 10:33:09 Pacific
Posted: 2020-02-13 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Electrical or magnetic effects

50+ ft drone in rural area?

At 23:30 I was headed home from work dring N on hwy 75. There were no cars driving my direction at that time, though street cleaning and police vehicles were stopped headed South. I noticed a green antenna like conglomeration in sky from a short distance, and upon driving almost under it, i could see it was hovering above (200ft approx) the exit for texoma parkway and hwy 75 N. Originally i thought it was a drone as it had green lights decorating each of the 'antenna filaments'; it also had two red lights. However, this object was as large as two full size helicoptors. It was massive! I circled back at next exit to try and capture photo and it was gone! I asked my coworkers the next day, and they said it must be some sort of military super-drone, though there are no bases anywhere in area, and city if Sherman could never afford something of this nature. Ive searched images online and no hits. What was it?? Stranger still, when i got home a few minutes later, ! i noticed my heated vest had turned itself off as well as my phone (always keep both on and they were on when i got into car to drive home)

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