Occurred: 1979-11-21 22:00 Local
Reported: 2020-01-12 16:40 Pacific
Duration: 25 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Hollister, CA, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams, Landed

Huge Triangle, "headlight orbs" 20 feet off the ground with a blue column of light underneath them, and a 7.5-8.5 foot tall r

Huge Triangle, "headlight orbs" 20 feet off the ground with a blue column of light underneath them, and a 7.5-8.5 foot tall red human type ET. The night before Thanksgiving & Thanksgiving Day, 11/21/79 & 11/22/79, Hollister, CA. out in the country, but not too far away from downtown Hollister. The night of 11/21/79 I went to my car to get my suitcase. I set it on the ground, looked up and saw two lights about 20 feet off the ground, spaced apart about the distance of headlights. They were a bright, illuminated golden color. I'd never seen that color of light before, very bright but not glaring. They were on top of a light blue column of light. A vibration went though me. I knew they weren't from here. It was completely silent.

I sidled around the front of my car, keeping my eyes on the lights and went into a building to get my friend. We both stood shoulder to shoulder looking at these bright, golden lights and the light blue column of light underneath them. After awhile, the lights started to get brighter and brighter. My friend left to get her brother. I stood watching the lights as they became brighter. When they were becoming too bright, I went to turn my head. The lights flashed brighter into my eyes before my head turned. I went to get my friends.

When the four of us came back out, seconds later, the lights were gone. We stood there looking around and couldn't see anything. Then I heard the smoothest, quietest engine I had ever heard and it was close by to us. I asked my friend if she could hear the engine and she said yes. We couldn't see anything. After a little while longer, I looked up at the sky and saw a huge, silent equilateral triangle flying overhead. I could see the lights in the vertices, not an aircraft. As we watched it fly silently along, a huge beam of light was turned on in the direction they were flying. We watched it fly out of sight.

When it flew out of sight, my friends started talking about a strange, red light in the center of the triangle of lights. They said it had a strange optical effect. I didn't see the red light. All I saw was the huge magnificent triangle created by the 3 vertex lights. I wondered if the reason I couldn't see the red light in the center was because the "headlight orbs" had flashed the lights into my eyes before I turned my head.

The next day, Thanksgiving, I went to the back of the building to use the toilet. The buildings had been a poultry farm years earlier. My boyfriend converted one of them into an antique furniture restoration business.There were missing boards on the side of the building where he had put in a toilet. I was sitting on the toilet peeing, looking out through the missing board spaces towards the front area of two parallel buildings. A 7.5-8.5 tall, red colored skin, human type male ET walked into the space between the two building with his back towards me. He came from the direction of the other building. I couldn't see the front of the other building. He circled around with his back towards me, motioning his right arm up and down on his side and moved out of my sight. It was the motion people use to get someone's attention. Seconds later he came into the open area between the two building again. He had his back towards me, motioned his right arm up and down on his right side and! circled back around out of my sight.

He had a very elongated torso and very long arms. His upper back and shoulders were very broad and really strong looking. He was really big, fit and strong! I didn't any hair on his head. I didn't see any pants, but I didn't see his butt either. What really stood out was how elongated his torso and arms were, and how broad and strong his upper back was. The red color of his skin also stood out. It was the color of red that a very overheated, or very sunburned white person would have. I asked everyone in the vicinity if they had seen him or knew anyone who could fit his description. No one else saw him or knew anyone who looked like him. I had never seen anyone with his type of physique or skin color before that day, and have never seen anyone who looks like him since then.

I have been questioned as to why he would have his back towards me. If he had been standing there watching me pee, I would have considered that intrusive. Walking into the space between the two buildings with his back towards me, gave me an opportunity to get a general impression of body type and skin color. I don't know if the skin color was actual or caused by other reasons. Plus, it was a jaw dropping experience seeing him. Coming back out into the open space a 2nd time gave me the chance to confirm to myself, yes, I did see him. His arm motioning was what humans do to get someone's attention.

The night we saw the "headlight orbs" and the triangle I didn't feel afraid. It wasn't eerie. It was calm. I felt akin, meaning somehow we were related.. I had never had the experience of feeling akin and that was before I saw the ET. .I sensed a living presence and it wasn't alien. It wasn't from this world though! I also felt that night that they are my parents.. That also was before I saw the ET. I knew "they" weren't my earth parents. I did however have a strong feeling that I was related somehow - maybe a parent race or related because we are both human types. When I saw him the next day, it confirmed my sense of, "akin or a kin." I was an Art student at U.C. Davis, CA at the time. I went down to Hollister, CA to spend Thanksgiving vacation with my boyfriend.

I had an interesting related coincidence years later. I was an administrative assistant at U.C. Davis working in the Department of Natural Resources. .I was given a form to type up. The former poultry farm where I had the UFO and ET experience was up for sale. The U.C. Davis Dept. of Natural Resources was considering purchasing it and was ordering an inspection done of the property. I got a different job and didn't followup on what was in the inspection or if they purchased the property.

I read on your site that the large triangle craft was sighted flying over Austin, TX, six days before our sighting in Hollister, CA.

Posted 2020-02-07

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