NUFORC Sighting 151899

Occurred: 2019-12-22 18:30 Local
Reported: 2019-12-23 03:48 Pacific
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Rolla, MO, USA

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail

I see alot of activity in this area and perform to go out and keep my eyes peel to the Night sky. I see alot of U.F.O's or what I belive are so. On Dec.22 2019, was a record thoe, I told my girl about this but don't think she belived me till last night. I went out and bring a flashlight to attempt to say hello, well it does work even thoe it makes me feel weird when people are out but usually they don't care. As I went out I always see a indavidual orb like craft, I usually flash like Boris at them and shortly after always get one, even three to five that come appearing out of no where, they have flashed back many times, seem true Benevalent with abilitys to know things in which people do not. It seems that they like reaching out, if your reaching out. But on 22ed, or last night. I flashed down what I call a recon star, thats what it looks like but diffrent colors, many shapes including triangular type but Orb like spheres is what they really use most ofton I belive, on 22ed after seeing recons fly over head I flashed at them, suddenly to the northeast I belive, one after another begain to appear from the distance moving in straight line with good amount if space between them, one, two, 50-70+ one after another forming almost like a parade of well orbs I guess, I called my girl she ran out and seen for herself. Amazing truelly,it stretched out across the whole sky and was really wondering if anyone, anyone at all seen this.

I imeadeitly thought it may be a satilight train but no data indicates and Starlink has not done no receant launches.It just don't seem like satilights at all, each was in formation, equal roughly amount of space between and all were fading over our home or roughly past it. Iv seen alot of unbelievable things with these guys but last night was like a Army, literally a Army of Orbs ... Truelly Amazing. We need to make time to keep our eyes to the sky and embrace these Benevalent Interactions. Justin Micheal Wonsewitz 5:45am Dec.23 2019

Posted 2020-01-31

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