Occurred: 1955-06-15 05:00:00 Local
Location: Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Duration: 30 minutes
Reported: 2019-12-12 18:12:40 Pacific
Posted: 2019-12-19 00:00:00
Characteristics: Marks found on body afterwards

I believe that I had an alien visitation while in the crib about 65 years ago.

My twin brother and I were in our cribs in the same bedroom. I am guessing I was about 3 years old so possibly about 1955. There was just a hint of light over the hill seen from the window, just enough to see 2 creatures come in through the window, which now makes no sense being the bedroom was on the second floor. One of the creatures came to my crib, it was about head high to where I was lying. The other creature went to the other crib but I did not see what was done to my brother if anything. I do not know why I did not scream? The creature stuck a needle into my hand near the thumb, but I felt nothing. They left. I woke up in the morning and immediately told my parents who said that I was dreaming. I knew nothing about aliens at that age and doubt there was anything on the TV in 1955. There was a red mark on my hand where the needle went in and it remained for about 18 years as a red like mole. My hand was burned in an accident in my teens so th! e mark is gone, just the burn scar remains. Years later when i read reports on the small human like creatures it occurred to me what could have happened. I am now almost 68 and still remember the incident vividly. I cannot remember my dreams from last night so am still convinced that something unexplained happened to me. I am not aware of any other incidents in my life like this.

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