Occurred: 1975-05-11 17:00:00 Local
Location: Wayne, NJ, USA
Shape: Disk
Duration: 30
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2019-09-25 15:58:13 Pacific
Posted: 2019-10-04 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object

Hovering Silver Metalic Disk

I was watching a special on UFO’s several days ago and part of the television program featured the North Bergen sighting of George O’Barsky in 1975. Suddenly a light bulb went off and I began to put two and two together regarding an incident which my wife and I experienced in Wayne, New Jersey around the same time as the North Bergen incident. My personal experience that night has stayed so fresh in my mind, so much so that I can replay it as if it happened yesterday, even after all these years. After watching that TV episode, my curiosity got the best of me and I Googled ..”UFO sightings in New Jersey 1975” and the details of that siting appeared.

Let me review some background specific information about myself. I think you will agree that I am an exceptionally reliable and credible source with particular training in careful observation due to my chosen career. I graduated from University in March of 1972 and received an appointment to the FBI Academy in June 1972. After completing my 16 weeks of training, as a newly minted Special Agent, I was transferred to my first assignment and during early fall of 1974 I received new orders to the New York City division of the FBI. Since my wife and I had friends who lived in Wayne, N,J we decided to settle in that area and decided I would commute into NYC daily. We found an apartment in Cedar Grove and settled in.

After my commute home late one afternoon in Spring 1975, I asked my wife if she was up for a drive over to a Mall on Hamburg Turnpike in Wayne where there was an Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips. She agreed and we set out, making our way from Cedar Grove down Route 23 and finally over to Valley Road in Wayne. As we were about a quarter mile from the intersection of Hamburg Turnpike and Valley Road my wife looked over at me with a surprised look on her face pointing up to the right and says... “There’s a UFO.” Being a died in the wool skeptic at the time, at least until verifiable facts present themselves directly before my eyes, I laughed and said.... “Yeah, right!” She leaned forward and pointed up and slightly to the right, and said, “No, right there, see.” Deciding to humor her, I leaned forward and looked up to where she was pointing, and there, suspended slightly above the tree line was this classically shaped, windowless, silver metallic, dome topped disk, with lights rotating around the rim at the bottom of the disk. Needless to say, with those obvious facts before my very eyes in real time the consummate skeptic in me quickly became a true believer.

Being a competently trained investigator, I needed to take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind event and we drove almost directly under the disk (it made no discernible sound or disturbance as we passed beneath the object), then straight through the intersection of Valley Road and Hamburg Turnpike where I took the first left into a bank’s parking lot. I drove to the nearest vantage point to the object in the parking lot adjacent to Hamburg Turnpike where my wife and I exited the car and stood on a grass strip at the corner of the intersection with an unobstructed view of the object as it made a slow deliberate approach towards us, parallel to Valley Road. I must say, this was the first time in my life I have stood and observed something that left me speechless; speechless, but not devoid of the ability to make rational judgements about the nature of what I was observing.

As we stood there, I made some very careful mental observations about its shape, dimensions, and the slowly advancing flight path it made towards us. There was no panic on our part, just simple curiosity in our observations. I have pulled up some Google Earth satellite views of the area and attached them as illustration. I marked the slow flight path of the object and our location in the parking lot on the scans. The entire event took perhaps half an hour at most from first sighting until, quite frankly, we became bored with the entire episode after the object slowly moved behind some buildings, and went on our way to the restaurant with, not surprisingly, with a new attitude towards UFO sightings and what lies beyond our little pathetic shell here on Earth. Let me say this, the object moved slowly and deliberately as if it was merely making normal anthropological research observations of a newly discovered species, and apparently the occupants did not give a royal ho! ot who saw their hovering craft. There were no fancy gyrations or blindingly fast departures, no electrical disturbances, no static discharges, no blinding bright lights, no strange sounds, no little green men peering from windows, just a gravity defying, hovering, metallic, slowly moving, classically shaped UFO disk in plain unobstructed daylight.

I estimated the object to be approximately 30 feet in diameter and perhaps half that in height from base to the top of the dome, with a classic slightly elongated UFO saucer shape. During my observation the object remained at just above tree top level and during the end of the observation it was suspended above the northern edge of the parking lot of a shopping mall opposite the Wayne Village Apartments. The time of day was late afternoon, with excellent visibility, and the observation ended just before darkness fell. There were no observable windows or exterior markings, no radical movements, no protrusions of any kind from the body of the craft, no little men waving from windows, and absolutely no sounds I could discern associated with the object. There was a series of colored neon like lights which traveled randomly around the very outermost circumference of the base of the disk which appeared to be integrated into the structure rather than attached to it in any obser! vable fashion. The lights would meet at random places on the disk, split apart, and reverse directions only to return from opposite directions and meet at another random spot, again splitting apart, repeating the cycle. Being a consummate plane spotter and having taken private pilot flight lessons, I knew this was not any terrestrial craft I was familiar with, and at one point I recall a TWA Boeing 727 flew directly over the object on its approach to a landing at Newark Airport. I could easily see the TWA logo illuminated on the tail of the aircraft. Once the object got even with Lancaster Court it paused, made a turn, and proceeded down Lancaster Court where it finally disappeared from sight. My last recollection of the object was a backlit side view illuminated by the setting sun and the object was at or slightly above the the level of the two story apartment buildings proceeding on a casual level course. I recall thinking anyone who happened to be gazing out those second! story apartment windows certainly would have been in for a real treat By this time our evening meal of Fish & Chips was long overdue. I looked at my wife and said: “Well, that settles that argument!” We both laughed. I do recall a story sometime later in the Star Ledger which detailed the observations made by bank customers at a People’s Bank regarding a sighting very similar to ours of a silver disk which was observed in Vineland, New Jersey. I believe that incident is listed in this sites incident reports.

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