NUFORC Sighting 14854

Occurred: 2000-11-07 00:10 Local
Reported: 2000-11-08 00:00 Pacific
Duration: <5 seconds, and many mins
No of observers: 1

Location: Homer, AK, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Lights on object, Landed

dark road....felt strange.....triangle.....

okay to start off me and a few friends were driving to a friends house off the old sterling highway and me and one of these friends are both abductee's (call him friend C) we headed down the road he said he had a strange feeling....which we just passed off as nothing....we we got to our friends house I was starting to feel like I needed to I told my friends I was having an anxiety atack and I needed to head home (I have an anxiety problem) on our way back down the road about where my friend said he felt wierd I noticed a triangle in the sky....about the diameter of a fist and a half.....if it wasn't moving it was about 20 feet above tree level....but it might have been in alaska it's dark that late...the outline was only visable because I could see the stars get blocked out when the object got in their path but it had three bright bluish white lights at the corners. the me and friend C and another friend (who knew that we were abductees...we trust him...Friend A) all kind freaked out and were driving down an icy road at about 50 looking out the windows for what I saw....then as I drove friend C home that night Friend A noticed something up on the hill very brightly lit....too large to be a house....atleast a couple hundred yard wide/long....didn't get too good a view on it cause well it was from the side....but it had structure to it.....I didn't go check it out cause like I said I'm an abductee....and into keeping as much distance as possible...thanks


We presume that the witness means ten minutes past midnight, 0010 hrs. PD

Posted 2000-12-02

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