NUFORC Sighting 148131

Occurred: 2019-08-08 06:10 Local
Reported: 2019-08-08 04:12 Pacific
Duration: Minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Parrish, FL, USA

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Left a trail, Emitted beams

Sphere with 5 bright rays of light moving slowly and leaving a trail of smoke/cloud which appeared to be glowing

UFO Thursday 8/8/2019 - ~6:10 am. Walking the dog in Parrish, Florida. To the north, and possibly over Tampa, I see a very bright light shaped like a relatively small orb (probably bigger than a plane would have looked at that distance). It was moving extremely slowly and had 5 bright beams of light shooting out of it to a good distance and evenly spaced. The object had a trail of what appeared to be a cloud of smoke behind it in a trail which was erratically shaped as if the object had been mobile for some time and moving from over the ocean toward land. The trail was not straight, suggesting a non-linear path, and their was no apparent wind as the clouds were still. Interestingly the “smoke” was lit up, very much in contrast to the clouds around it, of which there were few, so this object was not obscured by clouds. After a couple of minutes, the object began moving more rapidly (but still very slowly) toward the earth and appeared to be naturally extinguishing itself as it got c! loser. At this point the projections of light also dimmed and disappeared. When it got a bit over the tree line where I was, it was totally out, but the “smoke trail” behind it continued to glow as if lit up from within, light hues, not just one color but mostly bright white light.

I did not bring my phone with me to walk the dog so I could not take pictures. I ran it to get my wife to look but at that point is was already almost out.

It was the most unexplainable thing I’ve ever seen in the sky.

Posted 2019-08-23

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