Occurred: 2019-08-07 00:05 Local
Reported: 2019-08-07 16:44 Pacific
Duration: 5 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Port Fidalgo, AK, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Changed Colo

Intelligent light in sky disappears when spotted by observer.

Aug 07, 2019 Where: Prince William Sound, (Port Fidalgo) Alaska Duration: Approx. 5 minutes (total) Exact Time: Approx 11:50pm-12:05am Weather Conditions: Few low lying wispy clouds, lots of stars. Still night with no wind.

Event: I’ve documented an intelligent light on three other occasions and wrote a report 4-12-18 on the second sighting last year. I’ll post the first and second encounter below.

Over the winter of 2018/2019 I set out a game camera to take a photo every hour to try and capture the recurring light that seems to appear in the same location during the night and disappear when seen. I was able to capture what I believed to be the light but the camera does not take the best low light images.

Last night I was waiting for the northern lights to come out to photograph with a couple of guests staying with me when a light appeared over Blight Island to the west while we were sitting around a campfire (fire nearly out by this time and a few stars starting to shine). I immediately got excited and pointed it out to the guests where they confirmed on seeing it as well. It formed starting a small light and got brighter turning a red/orange color. The guests commented that the light was pulsating. About 40 seconds had gone by and I told them to keep their eye on it and ran to the office to get my camera with a telephoto lens. As I ran up and turned the lights on to the lodge deck/office I heard them yell that it disappeared (approx. saw it for 1 min). I grabbed my camera and came back and the light was gone. They said as soon as the lights came on the light “blinked” off. At the same time I was walking down the steps off the deck my cousin walked around the corned! to join the campfire and asked what was going on. We told him and after a few minutes of excitement of what just occurred he walked back to his room to get a camera. I along with the other 2 guests sat back down to wait for it to get a little darker in hopes to see the northern lights when the light again appeared again in the exact same spot. I spoke up to say there it is and watched it for about 10 seconds. The other two guests see it as well for another 10 seconds when it slowly starts to disappear and doesn’t get as bright as the first time. Just then my cousin walks up and misses seeing it a second time. We sit out for another hour but don’t see anything else. My cousin and I walk to another cabin and look one last time in the general direction when I spot the light start to form again (approx. 1:30am). As I point it out and grab him by the shoulder to look, it “blinks off” as I call out its location. We wait for another 15 mins but decide to go to bed after ! this. The next morning, I remember that I still had my game c! amera ou t and check to see if the light was captured. Sure enough it was (low quality). But I can now show where in location of the sky it forms and circled it in red for others to see where to look. I believe this is recurring light similar to the Martha lights in TX. But with an intelligence. I’ve seen it over several years now starting in 2016, always in the same spot.

Sept 13, 2018 Where: Prince William Sound, (Port Fidalgo) Alaska Title: Intelligent Light in sky disappears when spotted by observer Duration: 1 minute Exact time: 1:37am Weather Conditions: Clear sky, lots of stars. Still night with no wind.

Event: I live in a remote part of Alaska and host fishing and hunting guests when a couple of hunters went missing and I had to call the coast guard to find them. As the coast guard chopper came into view they started to search to the west of where we were. As I looked up the coastline from our dock, I watched the chopper looking into different bays and I would run back to the main office (150’) where 3 other people were helping coordinate and to talk to the USCG by phone. As I was running back and forth a bright light appeared out of no where above Bligh Island to my west. I had seen this light earlier in the spring (documented on nuforc last year 4-12-2018) and wanted someone else to see the light before it disappeared. I was afraid to call out from the dock and thought it might disappear and remembered not to focus on looking directly at. After a few moments of not being able to get anyone’s attention in the main office, I looked directly at it to get a better view! and POOF it disappeared. I then focused on the situation at hand and we would later find the two hunters safely camped out on a beach who decided to just spend the night in the outdoors without telling anyone.

Aug, 2016 Where: Prince William Sound, (Port Fidalgo) Alaska Title: Intelligent Light in sky disappears when spotted by observer Duration: 30 seconds Exact time: approx. 11pm Weather Conditions: Few low lying wispy clouds, lots of stars. Still night with no wind.

Event: I was sitting across from a young man (guest) around a campfire when a light came into view and my first impression was that it was an airplane flying at high altitude that the sunset was hitting lighting it up. Upon pointing it out to the guest he had already spotted it as well and as we both focused on it, it suddenly “blinked out”. We both thought, “boy that was weird” and never thought again about it. This was my first encounter seeing this light.

Posted 2019-08-23

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